Film Review

A LOCAL INDEPENDENT FILM DON’T LET THE RIVERBEAST GET YOU Directed by Charles Roxburgh 99 minutes Shock Marathons/Motern Media/Goblin Universe review by Haig Demarjian Right from the DVD cover, which looks like an old VHS rental case (even down to the circular green horror sticker), I had a feeling that whoever was behind this sticky mess knew exactly what they were after and had their heart in the right place. Neil Stuart, a study in over-restrained zeal by Matt Farley, returns from humiliating exile … Read More >>

Live Reviews

BON IVER, ANAIS MITCHELL Bank Pavillion, Boston MA 9/13/12 A brilliant pairing to create a magnificent show! They have worked together before on Anais Mitchell’s folk opera, Hadestown (Justin Vernon portrayed the hero, Orpheus), and now the favor is returned, except Anais walks out to an auditorium one-third filled (the remaining sold-out audience lurks outside biding their time for Bon Iver). No sweat! Head up, she and her trio launch into a new tune, “Live Wire,” followed by selections from her latest … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

Lolita: If you want something other than corporate news, the Noise is a perfect place to start. Corporation don’t benefit when we promote the local folks who play in your neighborhood. But you do benefit—and so do the local musicians. In this special double summer issue so we’re going to focus on the two capes of Massachusetts—Cape Cod and Cape Ann. In this corner representing Cape Cod, the cool female quartet, PARKINGTON SISTERS. And to the north,  representing Cape Ann—BRAD … Read More >>