CD Reviews

SETH GLIER                      Things I Should Let You Know   13 tracks   I first heard Seth Glier as an opening act in Portland, ME, in 2009. I could tell then that he was a rising star. This CD is evidence of the ongoing depth and breadth of his musical talent. Seth is one of those singer-songwriters who arrives on the scene far ahead of most of the competition. He has a feel … Read More >>

CD Reviews

RANDY BLACK & THE HEATHCROPPERS  Limborations Records the sky goes clear    9 tracks Little of the intensity of earlier ensembles such as Limbo Race or Dr. Black’s Combo is diminished on this recent outing–there is still the heartfelt emotion and earnestness which has always marked the best songs of Randy Black. The best of show is the underproduced but undeniably catchy hiccoughing toe-tapper “Can’t Get Over.” Other highlights include the jangly confessional “Monkey”; the oddball country ballad, ready-made “Green Dress”; … Read More >>

Noise Live Picks

A “+” after the artist’s name indicates more acts on the bill. Fri Feb 28  LORI McKENNA + @ me&thee coffeehouse, Marblehead MA Fri Feb 28  GIRL ON TOP + @ T.T. the Bear’s, Cambridge MA Fri Feb 28  THE DOUG MacDONALD BAND + @ The Cantab, Cambridge MA Sat Mar 1  THE REAL KIDS + @ The Spotlight Tavern, Beverly MA Sat Mar 1  THE LEGENDARY VUDU KREWE + Wolf’s 21 Annual Mardi Gras Ball: A Benefit for Musicians … Read More >>

Live Reviews

HEATHER MALONEY/  DARLINGSIDE Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead MA                           11/1/13 Back at the 43-year-old coffeehouse (which they tell you is the oldest active coffeehouse in Marblehead on Mugford Street) that never ceases to wow me with the acts that they book… thank you Kathy Sands-Boehmer. And tonight I already know the headliner, Heather Maloney, has some charming skills to share. After Phillip Murphy’s haiku (with audience participation) concerning … Read More >>

Willie Alexander

WILLIE “LOCO” ALEXANDER by Peter Van Ness “Hear that?  That trans-oceanic tshhh, tshhh, tshhh scratch on the record?  That’s hip hop.” Punk-rock icon Willie “Loco” Alexander cocks his head, thrusting one ear toward the 78 rpm record player in time with the rhythm of the needle at the end of a Bessie Smith song we’ve been listening to.  He smiles and winks as if catching a new tune for the very first time.  Infected by the scratchy beat, Willie wriggles … Read More >>

Boston Groupie News

BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS BLOWFISH & MISS LYN by Jim Testa Way, way back at the dawn of the Boston rock scene, even before the pubescent T Max started publishing The Noise, some anonymous wag  threw together  a one-page fanzine called Boston Groupie News, filled with gossip and jokes about shows, bands, and the after-hour hijinks of Beantown’s first generation of punks.   Nobody would take credit for writing the damn thing, but everyone suspected a young scenester named  Linda Cardinal (Miss Lyn);  after all, she knew everybody and … Read More >>

Book Review

BOOK REVIEW RADIO FREE BOSTON: THE RISE AND FALL OF WBCN  By Carter Alan. Northeastern University Press; paperback. 334 pages. Review by Francis DiMenno Once upon a time and a very groovy time it was, back on March 15th of 1968 when a lot of the little kiddies were gorging themselves on strawberry Pop Tarts and worshiping the Herculoids, it happened that their beautiful older brothers and sisters were marching on the Pentagon to protest Uglyface Johnson’s Asian land war. … Read More >>