Rules for the Stage

RULES FOR THE STAGE by Jordan Tishler Know your material. Don’t start and stop. Be prepared to fall down, be heckled, have equipment fall over. Be sure you can sing on key without the monitors. Know what to do if the monitor mix is bad or cuts out entirely. Know how long you have to play. Don’t run over. That’s amateurish. Don’t tell the audience “we have three more for you” only to be told “only two more” by … Read More >>

Infusion Evolution

INFUSION EVOLUTION by A.J. Wachtel One of the best things about the New England music scene is it’s depth and diversity. On one end of the spectrum is the Boston Symphony Orchestra and at the other end are the countless number of street performers located everywhere you turn. Planted somewhere in the middle is Infusion Evolution; a five-piece band from Rhode Island with a sound influenced by many styles and cultures. Noise: You are a groove band influenced by salsa/ flamenco/ … Read More >>

Live Reviews

THE LIGHTS OUT/ PLANETOID/ THE LUXURY/ CITY RIVALS T.T. the Bear’s Place,  Cambridge, MA    5/22/15 Are you struggling to survive the poor economy? Aren’t we all? Well, if you’re loath to excise entertainment (you know, the stuff that makes our time in this vale of tears better) from your budget, Greater Boston’s not a bad place to ride things out. Let the rubes be wowed by all-sizzle-and-no-steak corporate rock tours; we’ll groove to the local sounds from atop our … Read More >>


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Rita & Lolita

THE PERFECT GIFT Rita: The new year is here and it’s time to reflect on your life and give thanks for what you have—even if it doesn’t amount to much. At The Noise we like to think of it as a time to focus on our advertisers who support us. We’d appreciate it if you choose our advertisers to do business with. Support local businesses who in turn help support what is going on around you. Lolita: We don’t have … Read More >>

Chris Smither

CHRIS SMITHER by Kimmy Sophia Brown Chris Smither is an American bluesman who is blessed with a smoke and honey tinged voice, an army of responsive, dancing fingers that pick wonderful tunes from his Collings guitar (while his feet tap the rhythm), and an ear for lyric writing that rivals the originality and humor of Randy Newman, Paul Simon, or Joni Mitchell. I’ve been a fan of Chris Smither since I was a junior in high school in 1972, although … Read More >>