TOP 10

T MAX (The Noise publisher/ singer-songwriter) Top 10 New England Live Acts I Loved in 2016 1. Don White – Poignantly funny with the ability to be heart breakingly serious the next moment.  A true master of the stage. 2. Melissa Ferrick – Super energy and intelligence that transfers to every audience member. 3. The Suitcase Junket – Creative musical Jeti who manages multiple tasks and makes it look easy. 4. Bird Mancini – Two wonderfully talented performers that balance … Read More >>

Noiser’s Top Ten

T MAX TOP TEN ARTISTS I GIGGED WITH IN 2015 1. Bird Mancini 2. Julie Dougherty 3. Doug McDonald Band 4. Willie Alexander 5. Andy Pratt 6. Kier Byrnes (Three Day Threshold) 7. Ed Moose Savage 8. Charlie Farren 9. Jim Trick (MASU All Stars) 10. Randy Black & the Heathcroppers More than Honorable: Eric Martin/Steve Morrel, Mr. Curt, Allen Estes, Kenny Chambers, Jay DiBiasso, Mosey Greams, Kyle Morgan, Scrambled Eggs, Christine Baze, Kristen Miller, Tree House Charlitans, Cosy Sheridan, … Read More >>

Top Ten of 2014

NOISER TOP TEN FOR 2014 The Noiser Top Ten are top ten lists put together by the writers of The Noise. Each top ten is in a category of the writer’s choice. These lists can be used to see the difference in the tastes of each of our writers. Congratulations to all those who made our top ten list. … T MAX Top Ten Shows Featuring New England Artists 1. MARTIN SEXTON (Brothers McCann opening) at Blue Ocean, Salisbury Beach, … Read More >>

Top Ten 2013

T MAX TOP TEN Acts that got my musical excitement buds tingling 1. ZOE LEWIS hi-energy, yet personal, performance at me & thee (Marblehead MA) with Mark Chenervert on clarinet 2. CASPIAN at the Block, absolutely rockin’ the streets of Beverly MA 3. DARLINGSIDE (harmonies galore) with HEATHER MALONEY at me & thee (Marblehead) 4. PUTNAM SMITH cool and lovable at me & thee coffeehouse, Marblehead MA 5. ALLEN ESTES (best material in a set) with FABULOUS MUSTANGS opening at Larcom … Read More >>

2012 Top Ten

FRANCIS DiMENNO ECLECTICA: TOP TEN CDs of  2012 1. Big Dipper  Crashes on the Platinum Planet 2. The Chandler Travis Trio  This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater  3. Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions (aka Timworld)  Dhoom 4. Rotary Club   Second Year In Swine 5. The Weisstronauts  19 Something 9 6. Dirigible Ego  Entanglement 7. Peter Bufano’s Cirkestra  The Hairless Woman  8. Love of Life  …And Time Again 9. The 7CS   Stick Your Neck Out  10. Lauren Bateman   Here I Am …and five outstanding EPs 1. Golden … Read More >>

Top 10 Lists for 2011

Top 10 for 2011 T MAX Top Ten Photos & Writings in each Noise issue of 2011 February: Photo: Jenny Dee on the cover (by Ahsan Rahman). CD Review: The Bandit Kings CD Precious Stones (by Francis DiMenno). March: Photo: Niki Luparelli’s Big Shot (by Vintage Girl Studios) . CD Review: Ed Moose Savage “Go To Helldorado”—a tribute to Billy Ruane (by Francis DiMenno). April: Photo: Ann Marie’s Big Shot (by Louise). Review: Willie Alexander & Preacher Jack live review … Read More >>

Top 10 Lists for 2010

Top 10 for 2010 T MAX Top Ten Favorite Shows in 2010 1. Alloy Orchestra at ShalinLiu (Rockport, MA) with Kristen Miller opening 10/17/10 2. Random Acts of Harmony at the Byfield (MA) Community Arts Center 4/16/10 3. Barbara & David Koen and Willie Alexander at Blackburn Performing Arts (Gloucester) 9/18/10 4. Chelsea Berry at House of Blues (Boston, MA) with Peter Lindberg opening 6/24/10 5. Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade and Emperor Norton’s Statinary Marching Band featuring … Read More >>

Noise Top Ten 2007

Top Tens When The Noise does a poll, the results show the average of everyone’s opinion. That tends to make people complain about their little corner of the scene not getting the attention it deserves. This year I chose to skip the poll and go with individual top tens. This way you get to really see what each individual loves. NOISERS’ TOP TEN FRANCIS DiMENNO Eclectica: Top Ten CDs of 2007 1. Erich Groat's Found Missing Volumes 1 and 2 … Read More >>