This is T Max (upper right) at 15 years old (1967) playing in his brother’s band every weekend at Vinny’s Happy Landing in Bay Shore, NY.  That’s brother Jim Maxwell (R.I.P) in the center. Dig those matching pin-stripped suits. The band played soul music. Contact T Max: tmax@thenoise-boston.com on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tee.max.3 … Read More >>


T MAX’S EARLY DAYS IN BOSTON (1980 – before The Noise) When T Max first got to Boston in 1980 he lived for a short time in Brookline with his wife and a friend of hers from the Vineyard. T Max worked at Erewhon, located on Newbury Street, as a morning produce clerk. The health food store stood across the street from Syncro Sound, The Cars recording studio. He was also playing in Art Yard. He would be out to … Read More >>