IN THIS ISSUE Rita: It’s time to support the arts. The arts embody what this country is in dire need of… some spiritual uplifting. Music is the easiest way to find peace—whether you’re playing or listening. Reading the Noise will let you know what music is available around New England. Lolita: In this issue we feature JJ RASSLER & THE CUBAN HEELS. JJ RASSLER is a forerunner of Boston garage punk back before the Noise even existed (over 30 years). … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: Sept 2011

IN THE PRINT ISSUE Rita: Wow—what an amazing summer we experienced this year. Lolita: Let’s keep it rolling right through the fall. We have to celebrate what’s good because it’s healthy to focus on the positive. In this online issue we’ve got the most exciting new performer coming out of Western Mass., HEATHER MALONEY. She and her music are eccentric, bright, and adorable. Rita: In the print issue we also have my favorite new Boston band that is as literary … Read More >>


GLOUCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Rita: When you move often it’s kinda like you’re on a slow tour. Lolita: That’s right—if you haven’t heard yet, the Noise is now based in Gloucester, Mass.—where we just might take up fishing for a living—if our government would just let us fish without the restrictions that are stopping fishermen from making a living. Rita: Now that we’re in Fish Town it’s not uncommon to run into WILLIE ALEXANDER at the farmers’ market, or see DAN KING … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: June 2011

ECONOMIC RECOVERY: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Rita: Welcome to our June/July double economic recovery issue. Lolita: How did we recover so quickly? Rita: It’s a little trick I’ve learned to make use of called an affirmation. If we just keep saying the economy is good, it will naturally correct itself. Lolita: Oh great, then you can pay me back the $900 I leant you for rent last month. Rita: Yes, I will. Money is just something our forefathers made up. You do … Read More >>


ILLEGAL THOUGHTS Lolita: May day, May day! Where are all the orders for my terrific new product, Thought of Lolita™?! Rita: Well, the one guy who bought the right to think about you has made illegal copies and is selling them at discount. Lolita: I’ll show him! I’m going to take my product off the market and then if I notice anyone thinking about me, I’ll know that they bought it from him. I’ll drag him and all his customers … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: April 2011

FOOLISH APRIL Rita: April is for fools, like Lolita, who tried to sell the act of thinking about her. She claims seven guys thought about her without paying $7.50. Lolita: That is a fact, but it’s now a matter for the court to decide. If April is for fools, let’s do do a retrospect on the Boston-based band THE FOOLS who had a hit with “Psycho Chicken”—a take off on TALKING HEADS’ “Psycho Killer.” Or we could skip right to … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: March 2011

ONE HELL OF A WINTER! Rita: Wow, what an exciting winter it’s been! Lolita: Yeah, exciting if you like being run off the road by snowplows, slipping on ice, or getting frostbitten toes. Rita: That’s not as bad as throwing your back out from moving mountains of snow off your driveway with a plastic shovel. Lolita: Why didn’t you just wait for the snow to melt? Rita: Because in early February I needed to get the Noise delivered all over … Read More >>


  Rita: Hello fans of New England music—we’re back with a fresh issue of the Noise. Lolita: I remembered to say rabbit rabbit on the first day of the year so I am bound to be profitable, healthy, happy, and lucky for the entire decade. Rita: Hold on—what’s this about rabbit rabbit? Lolita: Well, the whole deal is that you say “hare hare” the last thing at night of the last day of the month and then say “rabbit rabbit” … Read More >>