OUR EYES ON YOU July-Aug 2007

Lolita: I’m going to France!  Rita: Good for you. Lolita: T Max is taking me there. Rita: What!? He didn’t ask me. Lolita: Seems like T wants to experience freedom fries first hand. Rita: But why with you, and not me? Lolita: I guess because I’m blonde. And don’t worry; there are a lot of other places you can go. Rita: Like where? Lolita: Well, we could ask our friendly local rockers for that kind of advice. Our Question of … Read More >>


SUMMER PEOPLE, SOME’RE NOT Lolita: June marks the beginning of summer—a time to relax and take off your clothes. Rita: Don’t forget Father’s Day. Lolita: It’s also a great time to curl up on the couch in your underwear and watch the Red Sox win another one. Rita: Father’s Day is a Sunday right in the middle of the month. Lolita: Or go to Fenway Park and see how much of a disturbance you can make by stripping down to … Read More >>


MAY 2007 Rita: It’s May, and while T MAX (The Noise) fights a war against a war, we’re left to hold the fort down. Lolita: So we don’t have to promote hisdreamers wanted myspace page anymore. Rita: Yep, no need to mention “End War Now.” By the way, you look great in your camo fatigues. Lolita: Thanks, but I think the camouflage design adds ten pounds. Rita: I don’t think it’s the uniform. It’s more likely the ten Pabst Blue … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU April 2007

Lolita: Is everybody ready to rumble?  Rita: Not really. Lolita: What? Rita: My boyfriend and I broke up and I’m not really in the mood to rumble. Lolita: Well, you can sit at home and sulk or you can go out to the clubs…  Rita: And sulk? Sorry I’d rather sulk in private. Just leave me alone.  Lolita: Okay, well, I guess I’ll be writing most of the column by myself this month.  I wonder if I can get T … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU March 2007

Rita: Welcome to The Noise’s first online-only issue. Lolita: We’ll be back to stain your hands with ink and provide your birdcages with inexpensive wall-to-wall carpeting in April. But for now, peer into the glowing box and learn a little more about the people who play rock in New England. Rita: Lolita, do you have any ideas for the Question of the Month? Lolita: When people don’t know what to say they usually talk about the weather. Rita: That’s not … Read More >>


Lolita : From the looks of it, '007 already appears to be a year of action. The Noise is taking a step into the future. The March issue of The Noise will be online-only. So on 3/1/07 look online instead of on the magazine racks. Rita : And by the spring The Noise websites will be overhauled to represent the technical state of the art. Just wait 'til our readers can respond to reviews right on the site. Lolita : … Read More >>


Rita : Do you believe it's already time again to start picking up thoughtful gifts for everyone you care about? Lolita : I guess it's time to narrow down that “care about” list. I've got it down to two. Rita : Some people love giving presents every year. Lolita : I'm tired of receiving re-gifted items that were never meant for me. Maybe it would be a good idea to help people out with what gifts they should be giving. … Read More >>