OUR EYES ON YOU: September 2008

TWENTY SEVEN YEARS Lolita: The number 27 is so powerful that a successful Boston band uses it as their name. And as of this month, we can lay claim to completing 27 years of writing our column for the Noise. Rita: Amazing. Lolita—it’s not the 27th anniversary of the Noise—it’s the 27th year of you writing your column. Lolita: What’s your problem? You wrote the column too—well, except for that issue when we walked out on T Max because of … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: Summer 2008

Lolita: Here’s a green tip! It’s now acceptable to pee in the shower—think of how many flushes you will save. Rita: You know you don’t have to flush after every pee. Lolita: Unless it’s a dreaded asparagus pee. Wooo—that stinks. Rita: Yeah, a lot of things stink, but let’s try to take a positive angle with out first question of the month. Since this is our patriotic issue, let’s ask the rock ’n’ rollers of Boston to tell us something … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: June 2008

TAX REFUNDS Lolita: Summer is here. I love the freedom from clothes. Rita: And as the flowers blossom, people create new exciting projects with new energy. Lolita: Yeah, I noticed stores are coming up with creative ways to pocket your tax refund dollars. Rita: That’s not the kind of new exciting energy I was thinking about. I say donate your refund dollars to an organization that puts pressure on our government to stop the war and helps promote peace. Organizations … Read More >>


MOMS, WAR & HEALTH           Rita: Hello comrades. It’s May 2008—Mother’s Day will go on as scheduled—so will a war based on lies—and we’re still supposed to pay attention to our health. Those are the three topics we’ll discus in this column. Lolita: I remember when all we talked about was sex. Rita: Yeah, you still do. How did your Lovefest go? Lolita: Thanks for asking. It was love-squared event. Well, all except that time during the Peace Chorus set … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: April 2008

LOLITA’S SECRET Lolita: We’re back from our online-only issue and anxious to hear all about your spring plans. Rita: Aren’t we the one’s who are supposed to tell the readers what going on? Lolita: Well, you can do what you want. I like to know what the readers do. Rita: Maybe you’re in the wrong business. Lolita: Maybe you should take the stick out of your butt and open up that mind of yours! Wait a second—I’m sorry for saying … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: March 2008

Rita: Welcome to our second annual March online-only issue. It’s this cold winter month that we choose to save a tree by sparing the paper that goes into making a print issue of The Noise, and advise our business supporters to look at the numbers that this site (and thenoiseboard.com) generate. Getting your news online makes sense ecologically, but will the feeling of opening your newspaper at the breakfast table ever really disappear? Lolita: Normally I don’t wake up ’til … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: February 2008

CHOCOLATE, HEARTS, & KISSES Lolita: It’s February and by mid-month everyone will be sending me chocolate, hearts, and kisses. Rita: What about it being Black History Month? Lolita: Yes, all races send me chocolate, hearts, and kisses. Rita: But, I mean let’s focus on it being Black History Month instead of the month that includes Valentine’s Day. Lolita: Well, if it means anything to you, I do prefer dark chocolate. Rita: You’re impossible. Think of a Question of the Month … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: December 2007

  RITA’S RANT Rita: I’m mad as hell that our political system has been manipulated to serve those who are elected instead of serving the people. That’s complete bullshit. Taxpayers’ money is being funneled into a military machine that disrupts lives with torture and murder. We have to stand up. We’ve got to speak out. We have to be smarter than the assholes that try to trick us at every turn. Lolita: And then we’ve got the presidential candidates with … Read More >>