OUR EYES ON YOU: June 2009

WAX ON WAX OFF Rita: Summer begins on June 21 and look already at my little patch of garden. Lolita: You should really wax that thing. Rita: Ugh, I hate wax beans. I remember Dad forcing us to swallow those terribly textured yellow beans. Lolita: You know it’s Father’s Day (also on June 21) this month, so you better change your tune. Rita: Okay, let’s make up an appropriate Question of the Month. Lolita: How ’bout what would you like … Read More >>


Rita: Springtime in New England—I love it. Lolita: Yeah, there’s always something to complain about. Rita: The April showers have brought May flowers. Lolita: Enough rain already. I can’t stand looking like a rat when I enter a party. Rita: Yeah, but when you dry off you probably blossom like a flower. Lolita: Then I would have to be a Venus flytrap because I’m ready to bite someone’s head off. Rita: Since you’re in such a good mood, why don’t … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: April 2009

Rita: Ahh, I love this time of the year. Spring is here and I can finally get back to my garden. Lolita: And I can start working on my tan again—get rid of the winter uglies. Rita: Bands that have sharpened their skills all winter long (read: drank too much) emerge from their basements, attics, and garages with new material to create their best shows ever. Let’s find out what our friends do that defines the beginning of spring for … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: March 2009

ONLINE-ONLY JUST FOR MARCH Rita: Welcome to our annual March online-only issue. It’s a great time of year to jumpstart the old computer head over to thenoise-boston.com and read about the starving artists who continue to entertain you under the most grueling situations. Lolita: I’m so excited about how exhilarating this winter has been. I don’t think I’ve ever done this much shoveling, and it’s the first time I’ve ever had to scrape ice, six inches thick, off a roof. … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: February 2009

I’M NOT FRIGID, I’M JUST COLD Rita: I love to complain about the snow, sleet, and bitter cold, but the truth is that winter helps us experience the passing of time and eventually encourages passion and surges of energy for new ideas and growth. Lolita: And every winter, in our first issue of the new year, we look back at the previous year and applaud the accomplishments of those who have followed through with their growth and ideas. Rita: Elsewhere … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: December 2008

Rita: This year the gift-giving holidays have new creative potential. Lolita: Yeah, with all the financial turmoil that Bush left for Obama to deal with, I’ll be lucky if I give or get one present this year. Rita: But isn’t that normal for you? You’re so friggin’ cheap—the last gift you gave me was those jeans that didn’t fit you anymore. You could have at least washed them. And don’t be whimpering about how many gifts you get—you normally get … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: November 2008

  VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE Rita: Vote on Tuesday, November 4. Lolita: Vote on Tuesday, November 4. Rita: Whom you vote for is up to you, but make sure you vote for the candidates who will improve the conditions we now have. Don’t ever forget that those we elect are public servants. They are there to follow our lead. Somewhere along the line this has gotten out of whack. Imagine going to a restaurant where the wait staff purposely brought … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: October 2008

  ANTI-WAR RALLY & MARCH OCT 11 at 11:00am Lolita: It’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume. Rita: But before you do that, remember that there’s still a war going on—if you care about bringing the war to an end, attend the rally and march for peace on Boston Common on Saturday, October 11, at 11:00am. Lolita: While you march, keep your eyes out for street treats. Rita: Street treats? Lolita: The free things that you find on … Read More >>