Rita: I sat watching President Obama being interviewed on 60 Minutes and although the majority of the conversation was about the poor economy, there was not one mention of the biggest drain on our economy—THE WAR! Why??? Lolita: Everyone is focused on the economy. They don’t hear about the war so it’s easy to make believe it doesn’t exist and it has nothing to do with our economy. Rita: How can we win a war against terrorism when our … Read More >>


  FEAST DAY COMETH Rita: This is a great time of the year for musicians and artists to finish up their latest contributions to society that will hopefully turn into monetary rewards. Lolita: And don’t forget the big family feast day that’s drawing closer. I usually don’t eat for two weeks before Thanksgiving so I can pig out. Rita: That’s right, Thanksgiving is a time when families come together. Let’s find out more about some people’s families. Lolita, go ask … Read More >>


  MEANING OF HALLOWEEN Lolita: Witches, pumpkin heads, black cats, scary spooks, and black bats, oh it’s Halloween! Rita: It’s almost here and it is our job to make sure you have time to explore costume possibilities before you dip to the last-minute pathetic get-ups that deserve violation fines from the costume police. Lolita: I will never receive a summons from the costume police. Come see for yourself… we’re continuing our tri-decade festivities (in Worcester this month) with an afternoon … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: Sept 2010

  30 YEARS & THIS SUMMER Rita: Hey, hey schoolboy sing me a song. Lolita: Hey, hey schoolboy follow me home. Rita: Hey, hey schoolboy give me a gift. Lolita: Hey, boy I might give you a kiss. Rita: The Noise is now in its 30th year of publishing and we’re kicking off our yearlong celebration with WILLIE “LOCO” ALEXANDER, T MAX (CD release), and BARBARA KOEN at the Blackburn Performing Arts in Gloucester on September 18. Lolita: We had … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: July 2010

  Rita: You should see my melons! Lolita: What?! Rita: Everyone is envious of my Charantais! Lolita: Did you say Sharon Tate? Isn’t she the actress who was done in by Charles Manson? Rita: No, I’m talking about my melons. Lolita: Remember that T Max wants us to clean up our repartee. Rita: Hey! I rinse the soil off my melons everyday. Don’t want any bugs infesting them. Lolita: Now you’re getting creepy. Rita: Okay then, let’s get down and … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: June 2010

Rita: Yes, we’re in full swing with gorgeous weather, the Sox getting it together, and the clubs filling up every night for the great talent in New England. Lolita: Well, you certainly sound like a cheerleader. Rita: I guess it’s because I knew you couldn’t do the cheerleading with that winter belly you put on. Lolita: That’s not a winter belly. It’s an ice cream belly. Rita: Looks like a beer gut to me. Lolita: You can think what you … Read More >>


Rita: April showers bring May flowers. Lolita: Has that boat pulled into port again? Rita: I’m into flowers this year because flowers attract birds. Lolita: And I am transforming into a bird. Rita: I’ll admit you do have a birdbrain, and some people think you’re as pretty as a bird, but I would really just like you to fly away. Lolita: But then you’d be left to write this gossip column by yourself—and I’m not sure you’re capable of that. … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: April 2010

Lolita: Now, I know everyone is getting excited about showing off their spring wardrobe. Rita: And think of all the new material that songwriters have fretted over during the long New England winter. They’re anxious for you to hear their fresh creations. Lolita: So put on your spring best and get out there to socialize. Go see your favorite performers. Rita: Lolita, do you have a Question of the Month in your back pocket? Lolita: Well, let me see if … Read More >>