Boston Phoenix: RIP

THE PHOENIX CLOSED AND WHY YOU SHOULD CARE  by Sally Cragin After 47 years, the Boston Phoenix, one of the earliest alternative newsweeklies in the country closed on March 14, 2013. This has been devastating to hundreds of writers and staff, many of whom came of age writing for the paper.   HISTORY The Phoenix had had many incarnations during its long run, beginning with Boston After Dark (“B.A.D.”) in 1966. B.A.D. covered theater, movies, and the arts in greater depth than the three dailies in Boston … Read More >>

Top 10 Lists for 2011

Top 10 for 2011 T MAX Top Ten Photos & Writings in each Noise issue of 2011 February: Photo: Jenny Dee on the cover (by Ahsan Rahman). CD Review: The Bandit Kings CD Precious Stones (by Francis DiMenno). March: Photo: Niki Luparelli’s Big Shot (by Vintage Girl Studios) . CD Review: Ed Moose Savage “Go To Helldorado”—a tribute to Billy Ruane (by Francis DiMenno). April: Photo: Ann Marie’s Big Shot (by Louise). Review: Willie Alexander & Preacher Jack live review … Read More >>

Top 10 Lists for 2010

Top 10 for 2010 T MAX Top Ten Favorite Shows in 2010 1. Alloy Orchestra at ShalinLiu (Rockport, MA) with Kristen Miller opening 10/17/10 2. Random Acts of Harmony at the Byfield (MA) Community Arts Center 4/16/10 3. Barbara & David Koen and Willie Alexander at Blackburn Performing Arts (Gloucester) 9/18/10 4. Chelsea Berry at House of Blues (Boston, MA) with Peter Lindberg opening 6/24/10 5. Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade and Emperor Norton’s Statinary Marching Band featuring … Read More >>


BY FRANCIS DIMENNO photos by Wayne Viens I. A MEDITATION “He was a man of great complexity, of reckless, even dangerous extremes. His was a life touched by early tragedy, a setback which…led him…into other worlds with which he was unable to deal….” —Alexander Theroux, The Enigma of Al Capp Billy Ruane. Born November 10, 1957, died October 26, 2010. I remember Billy best from when in years past I would hop on back of his orange scooter and go … Read More >>