Mr. Max’s Message: July-Aug 2007

VACATION The Summer Peace issue is done and after I finish distributing it, I get time off before the September issue. This year I’m actually going to go someplace. A friend is renting an apartment in Paris and I’ve been invited to stay there for a short time. I took French in high school so I’m all set if I need to find a library—ou est la bibliotheque? But I may need to know more than that to get around. … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message – June 2007

END WAR NOW UPDATE “End War Now” (the Boston music community recording) is being manufactured for copies to be made available to the media. Go to to hear the final mix. Look at the list of local luminaries who are involved with this project: VOCALISTS: John Powhida (The Rudds) Emily Grogan (Emily Grogan) Michael Bloom (Tim Mungenast & His Pre-Existing Conditions) Andrea Gillis (Andrea Gillis) Mick Mondo (…& Streaker) Linda Viens (Angeline) Casey Desmond (Casey Desmond) Peter C. Johnson … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message

END WAR NOW UPDATE Ahh, 44 singers showed up to be apart of the choir and lead vocal tracks on April 15th at Hi-n-Dry. We’ve got 59 tracks of music and vocals that sound great, but I’m still looking to improve the song with a surprise in the ending. By the time this song is mixed, we’ll be involved in another Middle East war. Just joking—but the real possibility makes it not funny.  Go to to hear the demo … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message

BACK IN THE (PULP) SADDLE We’re back in print—go ahead, get your hands dirty.  For those who thought we went exclusively online—we’ll be doing an online-only issue every March. And that’s only the month March.  Our new feature, Readers Respo™, is going well. People and bands can now respond immediately to reviews they read online. Thanks for reading both the online Noise and the print issues. END WAR NOW The basics for the community recording of “End War Now” are … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message

DREAMERS WANTED Some of you may remember my involvement with Boston Rock Opera. That project brought together a lot of talented Boston musicians. Where that was a performance-based project, Dreamers Wanted is a recording project that will bring together a lot of like-minded Boston musicians and members of the community in general. The first segment of Dreamers Wanted is called “End War Now.” Go to and check out the demo of “End War Now.” See if this project is … Read More >>