Mr Max’s Message: July 2008

MR. MAX'S MESSAGE – July 2008   PEACE CHORUS ON TV That's right, Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus is flooding the TV airwaves with peace. Expect to get some static if you're not tuned to the right station (Channel 9 in Boston). Watch for us on It's All About Arts on Monday, July 12 (6-7 pm)-and the show gets replayed several times during the week. If you want to catch the live show (it's a rock opera in progress) we'll be … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: June 2008

    PEACE CHORUS CHURCH GIG I haven’t played in a church since we laid Mikey Dee (the Noise/WMFO/Planetary Group) to rest. It was a different occasion recently when Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus brought our peace show to the Community Church of Boston. We were greeted by a wonderful bunch of activists who were more than generous with their appreciation of our performance. Thank you Dean Stevens! It was a pleasure. URBAN CARAVAN TAKES VERMONT Sgt. Maxwell (that's me), Sal … Read More >>

Mr Max’s Message May 2008

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – May 2008                                               PEACE CHORUS BENEFITS STUDENTS FOR A FREE TIBET Straight from the outrageous Lolita’s Lovefest, Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus takes a long shower, brushes its teeth, and irons its costumes to get ready to help out the Students for a Free Tibet. Come on down to the Middle East Corner on Friday, … Read More >>

Mr Max Message April 2008

MR. MAX'S MESSAGE – April 2008 LORD I WAS BORN A RAMBLIN' MAN When I was in high school there was this guy, Charlie, who was in my circle of friends. He was a visual artist. He also played piano, clarinet, drew comic strips, and was a great cook. I learned something very basic from him— artists can wear all types of hats. So I've never hesitated to dive into any area of art. Most people know me as the … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message March 2008

VETERANS AGAINST WAR Most people are aware of my musical efforts against the war, but this month something is happening much larger than my group’s performances. On March 13-16, Iraq Veterans Against the War are gathering in Washington, D.C. to tell the nation what is actually going on in Iraq—and it won’t sound like the censored evening news. In relating this event to the past, a similar action took place during three days in January 1971, when over 100 Vietnam … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: February 2008

THE PEACE SHOW What I call the peace show is coming together. Currently we’re recording “Military Men,” a song/skit that reminds me of something Monty Python would do. It’s a military hymn with rap and beat poetry mixed in. It’s a song that always gets a reaction when we play it out. We’ll be performing excerpts from the show again when the temperature starts rising (March 22 at Perks, April 11 at the Cantab, and May 9 at Middle East … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: December 2007

T MAX MUSICAL OUTINGS The rehearsals with the Peace Chorus sound excellent. The Peace Chorus Band consists of Shawn Marquis on minimal drums, Susanna Porte on cello, and me, T Max, on guitar. But this group is really about the voice, and message that the voice delivers. Picture a gospel choir more than a rock band. The chorus members are Michael Bloom, Diana Casado, Mick Maldonado, Ruby Bird, Billy Mancini, John Hess, Mr. Curt, Eleanor Ramsay, Emily Grogan, and new … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: November 2007

  NOVEMBER 30 Girl On Top invited me to play a couple of songs from Why Do We Go To War? during their set at the Cantab on Friday, November 30.  I wrote a medley of three songs from the show, but maybe it will be better to play one of the gospel numbers, or the military hymn that mixes rap with Monty Python antics.  What ever we decide to play, I hope to see you there. DECEMBER 8 “END … Read More >>