Mr Max Message 2/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE • February 2009 MR. NEW PREZ Wow, we now have a president that I feel proud of. The show at C3 on inauguration night was quite the scene. Members of MoveOn came out in droves to take in the Cambridge contemporary performance and create the most successful night the café has had yet. If you’d like to see the group video of “Heal This Nation (Yes We Can),” go to and use Obama as the password. … Read More >>

Mr Max Message 12/08

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – December 2008 STORY TIME Time to share another short story from The Book. The Book has about 30 stories of real experiences from my life. The story I’m going to share with you this month is “The Train” from when I was 18 years old and living at home with my dad and younger brother in Brentwood, Long Island. And don’t skip the band propaganda at the bottom of the page. THE TRAIN The big weekend … Read More >>

Mr Max’s Message: Nov 08

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – November 2008 STORY TIME This is a new thing I’m doing with this section. Besides the regular promotion of the show I play, I’m going to share with you a short story from what I call The Book. The Book has about 30 stories of real experiences from my life. Some of the short stories would be pretty embarrassing for the people that they’re about. So I’ll have to stick with the publishable ones. The story … Read More >>

T Max Message Oct 08

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – October 2008                                             STORY TIME A friend advised me I should put more time into this section to tell stories. Well, something interesting happend to me last week, so here’s the first story for Mr Max's Message… MY SPORTS BAG My nice looking Patriots championship sports bag, that held two baseball gloves, two softballs, a … Read More >>

Mr Max’s Message Sept 08

MR. MAX'S MESSAGE – September 2008                                                   SGT MAXWELL'S PEACE CHORUS-THE MILITARY EP "Children of America" from the yet-to-be-released Military EP has already reach #2 (of 3,011 nationwide songs) on Neil Young's “Living With War” chart. The release of the CD is planned for Saturday, Oct. 4 at the Cantab (Central Square, Cambridge). URBAN CARAVAN … Read More >>

Mr Max Message Aug 08

MR. MAX'S MESSAGE – August 2008 SGT. MAXELL'S PEACE CHORUS MILITARY EP IN THE WORKS That's right, Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus has been in the studio with Mr. Curt at the board making magic with "Children of America" (a plea to the children to reject the armed forces), "Military Men" (A Monty Python-like approach to the men who follow orders), and "5 Mo Daze" (what happens to some enlisted men after they've counted down their final five days of service). … Read More >>

Mr Max’s Message: July 2008

MR. MAX'S MESSAGE – July 2008   PEACE CHORUS ON TV That's right, Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus is flooding the TV airwaves with peace. Expect to get some static if you're not tuned to the right station (Channel 9 in Boston). Watch for us on It's All About Arts on Monday, July 12 (6-7 pm)-and the show gets replayed several times during the week. If you want to catch the live show (it's a rock opera in progress) we'll be … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: June 2008

    PEACE CHORUS CHURCH GIG I haven’t played in a church since we laid Mikey Dee (the Noise/WMFO/Planetary Group) to rest. It was a different occasion recently when Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus brought our peace show to the Community Church of Boston. We were greeted by a wonderful bunch of activists who were more than generous with their appreciation of our performance. Thank you Dean Stevens! It was a pleasure. URBAN CARAVAN TAKES VERMONT Sgt. Maxwell (that's me), Sal … Read More >>