Mr. Max’s Message 2/10

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – FEBRUARY 2010 WHY DO WE GO TO WAR Why Do We Go to War?, the collection of songs I’ve been writing and performing for the past three years, is shaping up into a fully recorded project. There are just a few more songs to record with Jason Duguay at Project Sound. This collection is theatrical, stemming from my work with Boston Rock Opera. More than once my dad advised me to combine rock and opera—though he … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 12/09

RECORDING I’m still really enjoying recording at Project Sound with Jason Duguay. I’m finding that my strong point is singing all the harmonies. The hardest part is the final mixing when we want to get everything in its place and sounding great. Jason and I work well as a team and the songs keep coming out fantastic. I mentioned last month that I was having trouble with “Forgive Me”—the song really jelled after a little slicing and dicing—it maybe the … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 11/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE November, 2009   RECORDING Recording continues at Project Sound in Haverhill. Engineer Jason Duguay is a Godsend. The recordings are coming out terrific and I have fun with Jason while we’re working. So far we’ve got down “No Reply” for Across Their Universe – Lowbudget Records Does The Songs Of The Beatles; and four songs for my first solo CD—“You Don’t Know Me,” “Come on Home,” “Why Do We Go To War?” and “Gimme Some Coffee.” The … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 10/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE October, 2009 I FOUND A RECORDING STUDIO I’m enjoying being out in the sticks where I can meet new talented music types. My best find so far is Jason Duguay at Project Sound in Haverhill. I decided to go to him to record my dark rendition of “No Reply” for Tim Casey’s Across Their Universe – Lowbudget Records Does The Songs Of The Beatles. After one day of recording with Jason, I knew I wanted to record … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 9/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE September, 2009 NEW ADDITION IN GEORGETOWN The construction is done and we have a beautiful new room. It amazed me how many small decisions mount up to what the room actually looks like, and how well it functions as a usable space. I never knew the importance of the placement of an interior door—it affects the placement of furniture in both the rooms that it connects. One corner of the room is especially nice with its arched … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 7/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE  July, 2009   MR. TIMOTHY CHARLES DUANE I’m psyched for Mr. Timothy Charles Duane’s 40th Anniversary/ CD Release Party on Saturday, July 18, at Che’s Lounge (38 Main Street, Vineyard Haven, MA). This band started in New York in 1969. We specialized in living room concerts and playing in Central Park. We had fan club meetings, put together Christmas shows at the Katherine Cornell Theatre in Vineyard Haven, we rocked out at the Seaview every weekend, we … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 6/09

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE HOMESTEADER NEWS The foundation has been poured. This foundation will hold the extension on my girlfriend’s house in Georgetown. That’s where I’ve been living lately. The vegetable gardens are moving along—the big trees surrounding the property don’t let in as much sunlight as the budding vegetables would like. The crop will grow slowly, but everything is looking hearty at this point. We’ve already had one salad dinner from the garden that we added store-bought tomatoes and carrots … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 5/09

HOMESTEADER NEWS Last month my copy editor, Sandi, said she thought this column could have been in Yankee magazine. She’s right—and I think I’ll stick with this approach for now. Of course, I’ll be adding updates about the bands I play with too, but I’ll start off with the homesteader news. Remember that I made a nice-looking woodpecker house? It was set high in a tree in the yard. I was hoping the interesting woodpeckers that I had spotted would … Read More >>