Mr. Max’s Message 04/11

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – APRIL 2011 I want to share with you some of the responses I received to Jonathan Perry’s article in the Boston Globe on the Noise’s 30th anniversary. Hey T Max, Great article in the Boston Globe. When I lived with you in 1982 (boy, were we the odd couple—me going to work in a suit and tie, dating women that tended to have or pursued graduate degrees and you getting up at noon and going out … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 03/11

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – March 2011 MARCH IS ONLINE ONLY—BUT ONLY FOR MARCH BENTMEN FOLKLORE This is our online-only issue and we have Des from the Magic Room on the cover. Des has worn many hats in the music scene. He runs the Sound Museum rehearsal studios (the Magic Room is located there. He's also played in one of Boston most outrageous bands—the Bentmen. I had to bring that up because I am part of Bentmen folklore. Sometime back in … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 02/11

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – February 2011 TURNIPS & PEAS I've been on a long strange trip this winter. I have shovelled more snow than ever in my whole life. I like feeding the birds and they are eating more than usual. The snow covers up any of the natural food for ground feeders, so they need more of the food I can provide. Performance wise, I played a half-hour version of Why Do We Go to War along with a … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 12/10

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – December 2010 BENEFIT FOR THE HOMELESS – FUTURE On Wednesday, December 15th, at Johnny D's, Chandler Travis will gather a bunch of crazy musicians to raise money for the Somerville Homeless Coalition with his Boston Christmas Cavalcade. (Note: if you're on the Cape, Chandler does a Cape Christmas Cavalcade on Decemver 12 at the Jailhouse Tavern.) Look at the line up he's already assembled by the time I had to write this message—the Chandler Philharmonic & … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 11/10

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – November 2010 Willie Alexander and T Max     LIVING IN GEORGETOWN The people have been really good to me here. My neighbor two houses over is Sally Applegate. She’s the long-time reporter for the local paper—the Georgetown Record. She’s already done two stories on me. She plays piano and on every occasion we meet she sings me something that she’s written over the years. Then there’s the local cable access TV show. They videotape all … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 10/10

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – October 2010 WHY DO WE GO TO WAR? CD RELEASE & THE NOISE 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY THE AFTERMATH Wow—my expectations of the anniversary/CD release party in Gloucester were met ten fold! I have never felt so loved by a large group of people. A big thank you to Louise Welch, Jimmy Lounsbury, and Laura Ritchie for throwing me the most amazing pre-show party—that continued after the show too! As far as the show went—Barbara & Dave … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 9/10

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – September 2010 WHY DO WE GO TO WAR? CD RELEASE & THE NOISE 30th ANNIVERSARY PARTY The CD release party for Why Do We Go to War? is becoming a reality. Willie “Loco” Alexander and Barbara Koen are opening for me on Saturday, September 18, at the Blackburn Performing Arts in Gloucester. This show is also being billed as the first Noise 30th Anniversary Party. I say “first” because we are planning to have one each … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 7/10

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – July 2010   WHY DO WE GO TO WAR? The response is already coming in from the review of Why Do We Go to War? that was published in the summer double issue of the Noise. Marc “Doc” Levy, a Vietnam vet, was asked by a friend of mine to review my CD. I have never met Marc and after reading the review I’m not sure if Marc would ever want to meet me. The review … Read More >>