Mr. Max’s Message

MR MAX’S MESSAGE by T Max Happy New Year to all my friends.  Now that The Noise has settled into its online-only identity, I, T Max (publisher of The Noise) will add something new for 2017. I will start using this column, MR. MAX’S MESSAGE, to let you know what I am up to. I’ll also include info about the people who are nearest and dearest to my heart – my talented friends. First a little history… Not every knows … Read More >>

Mr Max’s Message

THREE SONGS Lately at Project Sound I’ve taken on three new songs to record. One is actually very old—my late Uncle John (in the photo above) taught me “Dundabeck” when I was just a wee boy (in the 1950s). We had a tradition in my family when we gathered at my grandparents’ place in Brooklyn, we’d each have to sing a song before we ate our dinner. Uncle John was always good for a rollicking version of “Dundabeck.” The recording … Read More >>

Message from T Max

GLOUCESTER MA Our Valentine show in February was as good as it gets. The publicity was excellent with multiple video-ettes on that were basically a tour of Gloucester’s music venues and other places of interest. I spent one full day with Peter Van Ness shooting from the train tracks to Main Street with no script or rehearsals, improvising with what ever came our way. When it came time for the Valentine show, lots of people showed up for dinner … Read More >>


I have to thank Brian Owens at Metronome for putting me on the cover of his fine magazine that does a great job of covering music from New England and beyond. HAUPPAGUE, LONG ISLAND 1969 That’s me blowing the bugle for the daily raising of the flag at Botany raincoat factory. That large lawn behind me holds the secret of why I was fired from this, my first ever job. I was the janitor/gardener and I should have known that … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message December 2011

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – DECEMBER 2011 GLOUCESTER I’m really liking the Dog Bar in Gloucester. I’ve taken on booking the second Saturday of each month starting in February. And that show on Februay 11th will be a Valentine’s showcase with two talented and lovely couples, Bird Mancini, and Joe & Renee of Bandit Kings. Peter and Vicky Van Ness continue to support all the Noise shows through and their marketing genius. MY GIG REPORT Before the my gig report … Read More >>


  NEW HOME: GLOUCESTER Gloucester is still proving to be a very entertaining city. There has been festivals, parades, and block parties every weekend since I’ve been here. On Wednesday 7/20 I was invited onto Local Music Seen, Allen Estes and Peter Van Ness’s TV show that features talent from the Cape Ann area. The taping was a wonderful experience. They tape a show right after mine featuring Julie Dougherty and her husband Woody (playing bass). I’m very lucky to … Read More >>


NEW HOME: GLOUCESTER As I write this I am totally exhausted. The Noise has found a new home in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I’m very excited because I already know a bunch of wonderful people/musicians who live there and I’m familiar with most of the venues and cool stores. I’m exhausted because at the moment we’re still in the process of moving. And we don’t know exactly when we can move in. Luckily this current issue is a double issue (June/July) so … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message 05/11

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – MAY 2011 UPCOMING GIG I’m very excited to be playing a live show that will include Why Do We Go to War? (with a new ending). The show is at the Byfield Community Arts Center on Saturday, May 21. And I’m even more exited to report that Jason Duguay of Project Sound has agreed to record the live show for a future live CD.  Anna Dagmar from New York is also on the bill. I’m on … Read More >>