Book Review

BOOK REVIEW TEMPERATURE’S RISING: GALAXIE 500 by Mike McGonigal Paperback. Verse Chorus Press. 192 pages. Review by Francis DiMenno Full disclosure: This book is based upon an online article for which I answered questions sent to me via email. Another factor which might also cloud my already fallible critical judgment: the book reproduces in full an interview I conducted with the band which was first published in The Noise #74 (June 1988). The extended subtitle of this book is indicative: “An oral … Read More >>

Book Review

TRIBUTE: THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOD by Arthur Orfanos The Mood Publishing; 2012 Review by Francis DiMenno “In the fight between you and the world,” Nietzsche famously pronounced, “back the world.” Solid advice. Although it seems obvious that our own continued existence on earth depends upon mutual cooperation and a sustainable use of resources, the forces of reaction are powerful and relentless, and, all too often, men of good will are ineffectual and apologetic at best and, at worst, … Read More >>

Keith Lockhart

KEITH LOCKHART: CONDUCTOR OF NOTE by A.J. Wachtel One of the first things artists across the world connect with Boston, is the magnificently extravagant July 4 festival that draws more than a half million people to the shores of the Charles River. Once, while experiencing Independence Day in Arizona with maybe only 30 other people watching Scottsdale’s fireworks, I looked around and realized how great it is to share this special event with Keith and the Boston Pops at the … Read More >>

Rumble May 2011

INTRODUCTION by T Max With the demise of WBCN 104.1 fm it looked like the 2009 Rumble (the 31st of this annual Boston event) would be the last of the classic battle of the bands competition. 2010 saw no Rumble and Boston musicians quietly paid their respects. But Anngelle Wood (Boston Emissions on WZLX), the last organizer of the Rumble, hadn’t given up on the competition. Though a year was skipped, she pumped life back into it and placed the … Read More >>


BY FRANCIS DIMENNO photos by Wayne Viens I. A MEDITATION “He was a man of great complexity, of reckless, even dangerous extremes. His was a life touched by early tragedy, a setback which…led him…into other worlds with which he was unable to deal….” —Alexander Theroux, The Enigma of Al Capp Billy Ruane. Born November 10, 1957, died October 26, 2010. I remember Billy best from when in years past I would hop on back of his orange scooter and go … Read More >>