Through Melody

THROUGH MELODY by Edward Morneau I. The fundamental elements sustaining life and evolution are time, place, oxygen, gravity, water, and music. Yes, music. Like the neurotransmitter dopamine, music is the drug of all cultures and arouses in the casual listener and the fully addicted one, evolutionary impulses that fortify health, longevity, language, love, expression, and memory. Music tricks us into remembering its presence in our lives because its properties are manifest in melody, harmony, rhythm, noise, juxtaposition, and repetition – … Read More >>

All You Got Tour

ALL YOU GOT TOUR PASSING THE TORCH By A.J. Wachtel Sometimes you hear about an organization that is so good and so right you can’t help but stop and take notice. The All You Got Tour is the perfect example. Co-founders Jacqueline Gabriela and Patty Duffy are making sure that teenage artists have the proper guidance. opportunities and choices as they attempt to follow their dreams. Check out the specifics of how they are making a difference: Noise: Your organization is … Read More >>


AURA – NEW PORTLAND VENUE by Steven Farro On May 25 there was a VIP gathering at the new Portland, ME, venue Aura (formerly Asylum). The nine million dollar renovation transformed this space into one of the best live music venues around.  In an era where we see more live music venues closing it’s great to see one open that has everything. A massive stage with state of the art sound and lights, a street level load in area that … Read More >>

Greg Dann

GREG DANN The Man on Top of Rockpile by T Max I’m very interested in people who choose to make a living from music. Most of them have more than one source of income, using their talents to keep the money flowing in from different directions. Drummer/ guitarist/ engineer/producer Greg Dann is one of those people. He man’s Rockpile Recording (don’t let the name fool you – he records all types of music, voice overs, and readings) out of his … Read More >>

Matt Farley

MATT FARLEY A CREATOR’S CREATOR by T Max Matt Farley of Danvers, MA, is a creative guy – a very unique kind of creative DIY master. He comes up with his own ways of doing things – very carefully and cleverly thought out. He a musician and film maker.  I recent went to the world premier of his latest film Slingshot Cops. It’s a totally different experience than a Hollywood film. Think small community. And although Matt Farley may not … Read More >>

Peter Rinnig QRST’s

 PETER RINNIG of QRST’s by T Max The short-sleeved T-shirt, first made for the U.S. Navy in 1913, accounts for $30 billion in annual sales in the U.S.   Noise readers know that a majority of musicians and bands supplement their audio income with related merchandise. The most popular non-audio item on the merch table, the T-shirt, tends to be one that best serves another important purpose – advertising the act. The desire to self-identify with the things that inspire … Read More >>

Brad Hallen

BRAD HALLEN Low End Legend By A.J. Wachtel Historically, and in the big picture that is the New England music scene, Brad Hallen is probably the best unknown four stringer around. Over the years he has had great success in a number of different genres and his inspirational bass playing is the stuff of legends. Check out Brad digging deep into his past to answer my questions. Noise: In your 35 years of recording credits and personal history there appears to … Read More >>

Rules for the Stage

RULES FOR THE STAGE by Jordan Tishler Know your material. Don’t start and stop. Be prepared to fall down, be heckled, have equipment fall over. Be sure you can sing on key without the monitors. Know what to do if the monitor mix is bad or cuts out entirely. Know how long you have to play. Don’t run over. That’s amateurish. Don’t tell the audience “we have three more for you” only to be told “only two more” by … Read More >>