Live March

If you have any interest in writing about the musical acts you see, please contact Write LIVE REVIEWS in the subject box and T Max will fill you in on how to help out your favorite acts. … MIRANDA RUSSELL/ CHARLEE BIANCHINI Cabot Theatre, Beverly, MA 2/23/17 When Charlee Bianchini invited me to review this show I didn’t know it was a benefit for the Waring School in Beverly and I didn’t know that Miranda Russell was headlining the … Read More >>

Live – Feb

If you have any interest in writing about the musical acts you see, please contact Write LIVE REVIEWS in the subject box and T Max will fill you in on how to help out your favorite acts. … WHAT TIME IS IT MR. FOX? Chianti, Beverly, MA    1/5/17 I’m liking Chianti – with it’s early start time (8:00pm) I can catch the first set of an act and still have the rest of the night free. So I … Read More >>

Live Reviews

The Noise is looking for writers who would like to write live reviews on their favorite New England-based acts. Contact T Max at tmax(at)thenoise-boston(dot)com. Include LIVE REVIEWS in the subject box. …. WHOSE MUDDY SHOES Chianti, Beverly, MA 12/18/16 I’m in the middle of moving and manage to squeeze in the time to catch a set of this cool band that I saw a couple of weeks ago at Julie Dougherty’s Open Mic in Salem, MA.  Whose Muddy Shoes could … Read More >>

Live Reviews

If you would like to write live reviews of your favorite New England-based acts and get them published in The Noise, contact T Max at with LIVE REVIEWS in the subject box. … TOKYO TRAMPS/ TRICK WALLACE TRIO/ THE REAL REAL BAYOU BOY/ DOUG MACDONALD BAND The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA 11/6/16 It’s an afternoon show today and why isn’t anyone here at The Midway yet? Ooops – I forgot to turn my clock back last night. At … Read More >>

Live – Nov

Contact The Noise at if you are interested in contributing your live reviews to be published here. … CONNOR GARVEY with ERIC McDONALD/ RAINA ROSE Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA 10/21/16 After a wonderful introduction by Tony Toledo, Raina Rose asks him to come on the road with her, Tony immediately creates an imaginary scene of him introducing her while she’s buying cold slaw at a deli. We all laugh and then Raina takes over serenading with “When … Read More >>

Live Reviews – Oct

ROLLING NECTAR  (opening for Stone Giant and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown) The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA 9/13/16 Rolling Nectar brings their stylish mix of vintage heavy metal rock ’n’ roll, soul and British blues to open up for two out-of-state and equally ear-splitting groups, Stone Giant from Brooklyn and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown from Tennessee. The latter headlining act has Brad Whitford’s (Aerosmith) son Graham on guitar; so I know tonight will require earplugs. From the moment … Read More >>

Live Reviews – Sept

If you’d like to write about the acts you see and have it published in The Noise, New England’s longest running music magazine, email for the guidelines. … T MAX T Max’s Vegetable Tour Jamaica Plain Farmers Market/ Watertown Farmers Market/ etc. 5/28/16 – 8/4/16 How does he do it? What are his secret energetic ingredients? Who’s his agent? In a never-ending quest to be amongst the “people,” T Max has turned into a modern day Woody Guthrie, a … Read More >>

Live Reviews – Aug

JULIE DOUGHERTY Veterans Park, Beverly Farmers Market, Beverly MA 7/11/16 Ahhh – it’s a beautiful sunny summer day and Julie Dougherty is set up in a nice little shady area in the southeast corner of Veterans Park (between Rantoul Street and the Beverly train station). People are spread out on the grassy ground in front of her. Lots of kids are running and playing games (one kid plows into me from behind like a train that has lost control). Vendors … Read More >>