AD FRANK & THE FAST EASY WOMEN Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA 4/6/07       Descending into the Lizard Lounge, I leave two of my unfortunate friends behind because Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women have filled the place to capacity! Ad Frank (Noise poll winner: stage presence/ Phoenix nominee: vocalist) is looking debonair in a suit and Ned Gallagher (drums) wears a white T-shirt with “AD” scrawled across the front like a myspace stalker.  They start off the night with … Read More >>


ROBBY ROADSTEAMER, FLUTTR EFFECT Dodge Street Bar and Grill, Salem, MA    3/10/07       I’m eager to finally see Fluttr Effect. I’ve heard a lot about them but have never heard their music. They appear onstage in this former fish market all wearing either all black or black and white. Kara, the ultra-dynamic lead vocalist, wears a white petticoat over her black jeans. They’re a five-piece but with a cello instead of a bass and a MIDI marimba in place of a … Read More >>


  WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF BROKEN TOY Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA 2/15/07 Edvard Munch said, “Illness and madness and death were the black angels that stood by my cradle.” These same black angels inhabit Walter’s phantasmagorical microcosm. Wearing a black top hat festooned with feathers, he’s Svengali with a palette of colorations-samples, radio static, and experimental electronics. The ethereal Edrie kneels on the stage surrounded by a beautiful, bizarre menagerie of toys including antique dolls, a parrot, a child’s phonograph, a wind-up cymbal-slapping … Read More >>


Tyler Derryberry (Ho-Ag as DEVO) Photo: Just Bill HO-AG (as DEVO) Halloween Show The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA 10/31/06 Yes, it’s Halloween night and a number of bands are paying tribute to other national/ international bands, but I specifically came to see Devo. Ho-Ag jumps into “Beautiful World” wearing the classic yellow plastic jumpsuits sporting the diagonal Ho-Ag where Devo would be written. They’ve got the jolted Devo sound down, they look great, and they pull off some of … Read More >>


COUNT ZERO, VAGIANT Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA 1/12/07          I may be late for That Handsome Devil but the band’s lovely Ms. Plaural is right upfront for the opening of Vagiant. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these buxom females. Two longhaired voluptuous gals are on guitars—the blond (Hellion) jubilant lead singer plays an old vintage crap guitar, the brunette (Elena) bangs a heavy metal axe. Then you’ve got the stylish flop-topped Cleopatra-like (Leeanne) on bass and the spike-haired … Read More >>


ELI REED & THE TRUE LOVES, THE DIAMOND MINES, THE MULES Central Square VFW, Cambridge MA 1/28/06 A sampling of hipsters, rude boys and girls, art-noise kids, college students and townies fill up the basement of the Central Sq. VFW to give witness to the last True Loves show.   The show is scheduled to start at 9:00; it is now 9:35. I grab a $2 Budweiser can from the bar on the other side of the swinging doors and make … Read More >>