LIVE REVIEWS October 2007

BLEU, HOORAY FOR EARTH WFNX Disorientation 2007 Bank of America Pavilion, South Boston, MA THE NEIGHBORHOODS Late Risers’ Club 30th Anniversary The Basement, Boston, MA 9/13/07 This is more of a diary of a day than a live review. After Saturday Morning Softball I rush home to shower then make it over to the northern harbor side of South Boston to meet up with a bunch of guys and gals I’ve been rehearsing with for the past week to sing … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS September 2007

  ATTACKING FREQUENCIES OF THE SUN, SUPERPOWER, GUT, HOOF Great Scott’s, Allston, MA 6/24/07 Sunday night madness. Hoof plunges into their set with no warning, a psychedelic doom dirge replete with furious, skillful drumming and groaning, grumpy guitars. It’s a seamless jam punctuated with massive crescendos—a soundtrack for a movie that hasn’t been written yet. One minute they sound like The Melvins; at another point I’m reminded of Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii. Hoof succeeds in taking the room on … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS: July-Aug 2007

AL JANIK, BROTHER MOSLEY/ GUSTER      Kirkland Kissoff Kirkland Café/ Earthfest The Hatshell 5/26/07       Right after Saturday Morning Softball—No Matter What I rush over to the Kirkland Kissoff and catch the end of Brother Mosley’s set. They’ve got a jammy/college party feel—“Dancin’ In the Streets” sticks in my head. The new bass player, Rob, has his friends hi-fivin’ his performance at the end of the set.       Fellow softball player Al Janik is a wonderful spirit who performs because … Read More >>


THE DENTS, VAGIANT Abbey Lounge, Somerville MA 5/11/07       This is it—The Dents’ final show. They’re breaking my heart! Before the show, I sit around with guitarist Craig Adams as he talks about the Boston rock glass ceiling. And hitting it. Makes me wonder two things: What level of success was the band anticipating? Didn’t they know they were too good to be enjoyed by the local rock scenesters and taste-makers who set the pace around here? But I don’t … Read More >>


AD FRANK & THE FAST EASY WOMEN Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA 4/6/07       Descending into the Lizard Lounge, I leave two of my unfortunate friends behind because Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women have filled the place to capacity! Ad Frank (Noise poll winner: stage presence/ Phoenix nominee: vocalist) is looking debonair in a suit and Ned Gallagher (drums) wears a white T-shirt with “AD” scrawled across the front like a myspace stalker.  They start off the night with … Read More >>


ROBBY ROADSTEAMER, FLUTTR EFFECT Dodge Street Bar and Grill, Salem, MA    3/10/07       I’m eager to finally see Fluttr Effect. I’ve heard a lot about them but have never heard their music. They appear onstage in this former fish market all wearing either all black or black and white. Kara, the ultra-dynamic lead vocalist, wears a white petticoat over her black jeans. They’re a five-piece but with a cello instead of a bass and a MIDI marimba in place of a … Read More >>


  WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF BROKEN TOY Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA 2/15/07 Edvard Munch said, “Illness and madness and death were the black angels that stood by my cradle.” These same black angels inhabit Walter’s phantasmagorical microcosm. Wearing a black top hat festooned with feathers, he’s Svengali with a palette of colorations-samples, radio static, and experimental electronics. The ethereal Edrie kneels on the stage surrounded by a beautiful, bizarre menagerie of toys including antique dolls, a parrot, a child’s phonograph, a wind-up cymbal-slapping … Read More >>


Tyler Derryberry (Ho-Ag as DEVO) Photo: Just Bill HO-AG (as DEVO) Halloween Show The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA 10/31/06 Yes, it’s Halloween night and a number of bands are paying tribute to other national/ international bands, but I specifically came to see Devo. Ho-Ag jumps into “Beautiful World” wearing the classic yellow plastic jumpsuits sporting the diagonal Ho-Ag where Devo would be written. They’ve got the jolted Devo sound down, they look great, and they pull off some of … Read More >>