LIVE REVIEWS: March 2008

  Comment on any Live Review in the March Reader's Respo™ Make sure you title your comment so we know what you're talking about. You can also discuss local music 24/7 at The Noise Board GOZU O’Brien’s, Allston, MA 1/31/08 I’m eagerly huffing down Harvard Ave. to see the soon-to-be legendary band that is Gozu. Featuring members of Superhoney, Wargasm, Trip Hammer, I am expecting this set to rock! To my chagrin, Gozu’s first show has sold out the meager … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS: February 2008

MeandJOANCOLLINS Comment on any Live Review in February's Reader's Respo™ Make sure you title your comment so we know what you're talking about. You can also discuss local music 24/7 at The Noise Board MEandJOANCOLLINS, I HAVE EARS, AD FRANK Cantab, Cambridge MA MARLENE SILVA photo show closing Zuzu, Cambridge, MA 1/4/08 I head out early in the evening to Zuzu to see Marlene Silva’s photo show before it comes down. The place is already full and it’s a little … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS: December 2007

  LYRES Cavestomp Garage Festacular Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY 11/4/07 It’s a blast rockin’ with Lyres at a party of 400-plus international cave stompers. My much better half, Billy Borgioli, says, “Except for The Sonics, all these bands are Lyres-in-training and they’ve got a long way to go!” Moreover it is Lyres, not Britney’s former boy toy, who are bringing sexy back with the horny dynamo “Soapy.” This one is supercharged with the entire Lyres lovin’ crowd singin’ backup with no coercion necessary from the band. … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS: November 2007

  SCARCE, BLIZZARD OF 78, DIRTY TRUCKERS, THE CRUSHING LOW T.T. the Bear’s, Cambridge, MA 10/6/07 This show was picked as The Noise live show of the month so my expectations are high. Opening the night is never easy, but The Crushing Low’s Matt Belyea thrashes his tom toms and Scott Lerner bashes out the chords of “40 Miles till Detroit” to a crowd that is quickly picking up in numbers. Ed Healy plays the serious role as lead singer/guitarist … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS October 2007

BLEU, HOORAY FOR EARTH WFNX Disorientation 2007 Bank of America Pavilion, South Boston, MA THE NEIGHBORHOODS Late Risers’ Club 30th Anniversary The Basement, Boston, MA 9/13/07 This is more of a diary of a day than a live review. After Saturday Morning Softball I rush home to shower then make it over to the northern harbor side of South Boston to meet up with a bunch of guys and gals I’ve been rehearsing with for the past week to sing … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS September 2007

  ATTACKING FREQUENCIES OF THE SUN, SUPERPOWER, GUT, HOOF Great Scott’s, Allston, MA 6/24/07 Sunday night madness. Hoof plunges into their set with no warning, a psychedelic doom dirge replete with furious, skillful drumming and groaning, grumpy guitars. It’s a seamless jam punctuated with massive crescendos—a soundtrack for a movie that hasn’t been written yet. One minute they sound like The Melvins; at another point I’m reminded of Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii. Hoof succeeds in taking the room on … Read More >>