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HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE/ UNNATURAL AXE House of Blues, Boston, MA 11/3/17 Shows like these put me in a reflective mood (excuse me – maybe a ROMAN mood) wherein bands that I developed a passion for years ago return from past glories and resurrect the dream that does go on forever – both for themselves and for their fans. I am forever grateful for living in Boston and have experienced so many satisfying musical memories since the mid-’60s onwards. As we … Read More >>

Live Reviews

BOY WITH THE AMPLIFIER HEAD (Sal Baglio and friends) 9 Wallis, Beverly, MA 10/21/17 A trek up to the North Shore at a new club showcasing ole friends. For 40 years, as leader of The Stompers, Sal Baglio has delighted local audiences with his majestic rockin’ tunes, spunk, and passion. Over recent years, he has also demonstrated another side to his prodigious energy – creating a sweep of low-key, pop-savant meditations about family, heritage, and other memorable characters. Brutally beautiful … Read More >>

Live Reviews

If you are interested in writing Live Reviews for The Noise, contact T Max at … GODDAMN DRACULAS LOVE LOVE AMERICAN ECHOES NONE OF THE ABOVE NICK & THE ADVERSARIES SO SOL RICK BERLIN with THE NICKEL & DIME BAND BIRD LANGUAGE MAMADOU CHORUS MEMBERS (of the Footlight Club) “SONNY” JIM CLIFFORD JP Music Fest Pinebank Field at Jamaica Pond, Jamaica Plain, MA 9/9/17 As our esteemed publisher/ editor remembers so well, Jamaica Plain is an area of Boston … Read More >>

Live Reviews

WILLIE ALEXANDER’S PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY ORCHESTRA (first set) Music on the Green Gloucester Meeting House, Gloucester, MA 7/28/17 Sitting behind a tall yellow church. It’s the oldest (1806) surviving meeting house in Gloucester. The others have all burned down. Hopefully Willie Alexander’s performance tonight will not get too hot. His piano sits on the stage displaying stickers that have been picked up from all over the world. Charles Nazarian jokingly introduces the band as the Persistence of Life Orchestra as … Read More >>

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We could use some help with live reviews. If you’d like to get your opinion of local artists published in, get in touch with T Max at … CONNOR GARVEY, PUTNAM SMITH Old Sloop Coffeehouse, Rockport, MA 6/9/17 For some reason I’m the only spectator who decides to sit in the first row. Most of the other rows are filled – maybe everyone else is far-sighted.  House MC, Mark Woodbury greets the crowd and Celene Lyon lists previews … Read More >>

Live Reviews – June

CHELSEA BERRY/ PRATEEK PODDAR Lindentree Coffeehouse, Wakefield, MA 5/6/17 Tonight I’m drawn to the combination of a new and old friend performing at this popular Wakefield coffeehouse that I’ve yet to visit. Lindentree queen bee Liz Freeman handles the welcoming and introductions for the night, the final show of their 2016-2017 season (though two outdoor performances are planned for the summer). The small theatre-type stage looks out on a room with reserved seating at tables upfront followed by rows of … Read More >>

Live Revs – May

Did you ever think you could write about New England-based acts you love and have them read by many fans of local music? The Noise would love to publish your opinions. Send T Max an email with LIVE REVIEWS in the subject and T will get you started writing live reviews. … MARTYN JOSEPH/ ANTJE DUVEKOT Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA 3/31/17 Me & Thee Coffeehouse is to New England folk music as The Rat was to Boston … Read More >>

Write live reviews and start saving on the entry fees you’re paying. Get notoriety from the acts you would love to tell the world about. Send T Max an email with LIVE REVIEWS in the subject and T will get you started. … LIZ LONGLEY/ BRIAN DUNNE Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA 3/3/17 (Warning: this review includes alternate facts.) I grab a front row seat while Tony Toledo, with his big voice and big personality, gives the audience … Read More >>