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ERIN HARPE & THE DELTA SWINGERS Big Road Vizztone Records 10 tracks Erin Harpe has a great voice that teases, purrs, preaches and snarls; and her finger picking guitar style, more Lightning Hopkins than B.B. King, is creatively consistent and makes her band’s rural country sound unique and very listenable. Five of the songs are cool covers and the other five are band originals with Erin composing three of them. “Kokomo” by Mississippi Fred McDowell, “Frankie” and “Casey Jones” by … Read More >>

Live Reviews

SESSION AMERICANA me&thee coffeehouse, Marblehead MA   9/12/14 My first time back for me&thee’s new season and it’s good to see booker Kathy Sands-Boehmer, host Tony Toledo, and musical guest, old friends Session Americana. What started out as Session Americana’s basic project with a bunch of cool guys sitting around one mic sharing tunes has developed into a more sophisticated stage setup—but that’s just to help the audience appreciate the sound of each of the musicians equally. Setting the stage, at … Read More >>

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Got a rant or rave? Your comments are welcome. Archive 2 of Comments from Reader’s Respo, the Noise’s Letters to the Editor.   Comments (21)  1  Written by Adventure Set, on 23-12-2011 13:05 ADVENTURE SET returns to The Magic Room on Jan. 28 to celebrate the release of the official video for STEREO HANDS, the single from their new EP, CENTURIES TO GO. With guest DJ Christopher Muther.  2  Adventure Set reborn Written by M Pothier, on 23-10-2011 21:26 Our first … Read More >>

Readers Respo Archive 2

  Comments (42)  1  Response to both Walter Noons CD reviews Written by Walter Noons, on 01-04-2011 15:24 I appreciate your comments. I will work to improve my mixes. I’d love you use real drums, however I record in my apartment in the Fenway and I don’t think my neighbors would tolerate it. Thanks.  2  Switchblade Suicide Written by Switchblade, on 01-10-2010 20:51 Tony…Hello? McFly…? The title is a joke. “Japanese Release” is a goof on the whole Japanese Release thing. … Read More >>

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Archive of Readers’s Feedback   Comments (8)  1  THE BROTHER KITE, BLUE RIBBON Written by Paula, on 03-11-2010 13:40 “The songs bleed together, telling tales of isolation and being lost in a big world.” This is like reading poetry, which is perfect because I feel that’s what music is – poetry in motion. An absolute pleasure to read.  2  D.Y.S., GANG GREEN, SLAPSHOT, REFUSE RES Written by ayeuser, on 11-10-2010 18:47 Another trend that I see way too often is punks … Read More >>