Pajama Slave Dancers

PAJAMA SLAVE DANCERS by Eric Baylies The Pajama Slave Dancers ruled college radio in the mid-1980s. Songs like “Defreeze Walt Disney” and “Homo Truck Driving Man” were regional hits that also found their way across the world. Singer Steve Westfield has also played in different bands with Rich Gilbert (Human Sexual Response/ Frank Black), Joey Santiago (Pixies), Lou Barlow (Sebadoh), and Chris Colbourn (Buffalo Tom). After 35 years of on and off being one of the best bands in the … Read More >>

All You Got Tour

ALL YOU GOT TOUR PASSING THE TORCH By A.J. Wachtel Sometimes you hear about an organization that is so good and so right you can’t help but stop and take notice. The All You Got Tour is the perfect example. Co-founders Jacqueline Gabriela and Patty Duffy are making sure that teenage artists have the proper guidance. opportunities and choices as they attempt to follow their dreams. Check out the specifics of how they are making a difference: Noise: Your organization is … Read More >>

CDs – July

THE SUITCASE JUNKET Signature Sounds Recordings Pile Driver 12 tracks This one-man band is an example of outsider art, what with the poetic lyrics, and found objects used as instrumentation and percussion, and the lo-fi recording technology, and the eccentric vocal technique. “Jackie” deconstructs rockabilly; “Evangeline” has a bizarre Creedence vibe. The appealing “Seed Your Dreams” is evocative of guitar-driven hokum jazz; the excellent “Busted Gut” is a letter-perfect classic folk blues; the fascinating “Beta Star” is like some long-lost … Read More >>

Live July

We could use some help with live reviews. If you’d like to get your opinion of local artists published in, get in touch with T Max at … CONNOR GARVEY, PUTNAM SMITH Old Sloop Coffeehouse, Rockport, MA 6/9/17 For some reason I’m the only spectator who decides to sit in the first row. Most of the other rows are filled – maybe everyone else is far-sighted.  House MC, Mark Woodbury greets the crowd and Celene Lyon lists previews … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

REASONS FOR LIVING Rita: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Lolita: Hey honey, we’re musicians not farmers. Rita: Okay, then how about which is the most important thing you bring to the beach, sun tan lotion or a radio? Lolita: That gives me a great idea for our July Question of the Month. Let’s ask everyone “Did music play a part in why you live where you live (or vise versa)? Explain.” Rita: Dear Sister, I think you should live in a barn because you are a chickenpoop. AD FRANK (semi- retired): Absolutely. … Read More >>

The Big Shot

Who is the Big Shot? It’s hard to tell when you can only see a small portion of Coleman Rogers’ photo. Click on the image to reveal the identity of the Big Shot in the full photograph.           … Read More >>

Noise Live Picks

“+” after an act implies there are more acts on the bill If you’d like to start writing live reviews on New England acts of your choice, contact – please put LIVE REVIEW in the subject. … Thur Aug 3  PETTY MORALS @ The New World Tavern, Plymouth, MA Thur Aug 3  THE RATIONALES + @ The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA Fri Aug 4  CHRIS SMITHER @ Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport, MA Sat Aug 5  CHRISTINE OHLMAN … Read More >>

Zion Rodman

ZION RODMAN TALENTED MAN WITH A PLAN By A.J. Wachtel We can all agree that having a soulful voice adds a little magic to any song you hear. Incorporate passion and truth into a creative composition and a good hook becomes enchanting and the performer becomes a wizard. Note after note, song after song, Zion Rodman is such an artist. His beautiful voice and high- caliber catalog are  charming, inspirational and majestic. Read on and let him cast a spell … Read More >>