Live Reviews

ANAIS MITCHELL Club Passim, Cambridge MA 2/23/12 Having observed the local music scene for so many years, I often wonder about the hubris of “making it.” There’s enough blather, bling, and prattle out there on the boards to make the rafters weak. And then, there are those artists of pure poetry and substance that, once discovered, will never fail you. They keep on reaching and achieving, knowing that the work must get done—songwriters who show me the enviable task of … Read More >>

Silver Circle Reviews

TIM MUNGENAST & HIS PREEXISTING CONDITIONS (aka TIMWORLD) Goat River Productions Dhoom 12 tracks This is the fifth CD of off-kilter rock-jazz-psychedelia-what-have-you from Mungenast and his talented sidemen, Michael Bloom (bass) and Jon Proudman (drums). The album consist, not of endlessly rehearsed, conventionally constructed songs; instead, the trio’s methodology mostly seems to consist in selecting a motif, then seeing how far they can carry it forward. It’s a series of live performances, warts and all, some of which are astonishing. … Read More >>

Rita and Lolita

IN THE PRINT ISSUE Lolita: April is known for its showers. So if you haven’t taken one recently, hop to it. Rita: This issue of the Noise is chock full of reviews and news about musicians from all over New England. Our feature story is on DAVID MINEHAN, leader of THE NEIGHBORHOODS, an iconic Boston rock band, and the owner of Woolly Mammoth Sound recording studio in Waltham, MA. Other features in the print issue include TIJUANNA SWEETHEART, JON MACEY, … Read More >>