Live Reviews

JENNY DEE & THE DEELINQUENTS, THE CHARMS, KATIE OBER Precinct, Somerville MA 5/26/12 Starting us off tonight is the very young Somervillian Katie Ober, whom I haven’t a clue about. She plays solo acoustic, not-quite-folk sensitive pop. Obviously her influences are way out of my realm of knowledge. Her songs aren’t compelling emotional gut-busters, but they sure sound like they’re heading in that direction. In truth, I don’t wanna make a definitive call until I see a lyric sheet—this stuff … Read More >>

Don’t Give Up the Ship

MISTAKES? Mistakes are so common that it is said, “to err is human.” I just had to check the spelling “err” and immediately found a statement that read “experts estimate that as many as 98,000 people die in any given year from medical errors that occur in hospitals.” Of course there are the less harmful errors—like when Boston’s Mayor announces his praise of Hondo, the Celtics amazing point guard. That’s supposed to be Rondo for all you non-sports-minded music lovers. … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

IN THIS ISSUE Rita: We like to croon a tune in June. Lolita: And it always seems like this time of year June pops up again. Rita: In this issue we’ve got the legendary ARLO GUTHRIE who is in the mist of a big 100th birthday celebration for his dad, Woody. Also on the web we have CD and live reviews, the Big Shot (read: centerfold), T MAX’s Don’t Give Up the Ship column, and the most informative gossip column … Read More >>


27 Noise Appeal Records Re-Wired 6 tracks This collection of three re-workings of originals and three covers is one of the most interesting local releases I’ve heard so far this year.  27 is one of the more chameleon-like bands around, showcasing a broad palette without ever spreading itself too thin.  It’s mostly a relaxed vibe on this EP, but not without a dark current underneath.  Maria Christopher sounds wonderful throughout, her voice able to simultaneously relax you and raise the … Read More >>


THEA HOPKINS Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA        5/3/12 A fine gig tonight at a great packed venue for long-time folk talent Thea Hopkins. She’s opening for the legendary Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, he of the more talk/less music mentality (that’s what octogenarians are apt to do—whoa!).  Immediately Thea and her tremendous sidekick, Andy Hollinger (guitar/ mandolin), set the audience upright with a short collection of great folk-rockin’ material. Her voice is crisp and clear with gorgeous sustained tones vested … Read More >>

Don’t Give Up the Ship

PAYING TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN: JOHN GERARD MAXWELL by T Max Just today I was on my bicycle to Seaside Graphics in Gloucester to print up the cover of a booklet.  This short print job is for a tribute to my late Uncle John. So, like I said, I’m on my bicycle and on my left I pass the Past Present Shoppe and it’s the first time I realize that’s its name. For it was in that shop a … Read More >>