James Montgomery

JAMES MONTGOMERY REALLY BLOWS  by A.J. Wachtel James Montgomery is going to have a huge year. But every 12-month period for him is an enormous annum because he is a true rhythm and blues star. I just went to see the Allman Brothers Band with him and more than 10 strangers came up to us and asked him if he was really James Montgomery; and this was before we had even made it to the “will call” window. A true … Read More >>

Live Show Picks

THIS IS AN ONLINE COLUMN THAT LISTS UPCOMING SHOWS THAT I THINK WILL SUIT MOST MUSIC LOVERS JUST FINE. Thanks for reading, Lolita Flange LOLITA’S LIVE SHOW PICKS ALL GOIN’ OUT TOGETHER SEPTEMBER 2012 Sat Sept 1 ANNIE ACTIVATOR @ the Cantab, Cambridge MA Sun Sept 2 KILSLUG and THE FU’S @ the Midway, JP MA Mon Sept 3 (5:00) INCREDIBLE CASUALS @ the Beachcomber, Wellfleet, MA Thurs Sept 6 THE CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC @ Bubala’s, Provincetown MA Thur Sept … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

Rita: Wow—what a great summer we had. Lolita: We? Maybe you had a great summer, but I was dumped by my boyfriend (who will remain nameless), and I threw out my back moving my records out of his house. Rita: I thought you already sold your vinyl collection. Lolita: I did. I was talking about my dental records. Rita: Let’s get out of your mouth and tell the readers what’s in this issue. Lolita: You mean this 31st anniversary issue? … Read More >>

CD Reviews

THE MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN MEMORIAL LIBRARY Faith In Free 3 tracks It’s fitting that this EP is one song broken into three movements because its wide breadth and artistic imagery evoke classical music as much as pop.  In less capable or more austere hands, this could be a disaster, but Epstein and crew pull it off without a hitch.  The first movement, featuring an array of instruments and voices, has a spooky, haunting vibe, and its use of repetition puts … Read More >>

Live Reviews

SPRAINED ANKLES, JAY ALLEN & THE ARCHCRIMINALS, THE MIGS, THE JITTERS Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA 8/3/12 This is the year of the competing birthday shows—Bob’s show is next week but he’s got every band in town booked, so I’ve had to take a couple of unknowns (to me) on recommendation. The first of those are the Jitters, hailing from the Worcester area. They’re here on the good word of Myra Evil Streak—“You’ll like them,” she said…which proves either she’s got … Read More >>

Don’t Give Up the Ship

DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP by T Max PETER GOUTZOS I brought Peter Goutzos over to Project Sound to add some percussion tracks to the songs I’m working on. With “Train Sleep” (an old song penned by my friend Charlie Esposito) Peter added a glass washboard that I think he used finger picks on. When the sound of the washboard comes in I picture girls tap dancing in a rhythm used frequently by Adam & the Ants. He also added … Read More >>

Brad Byrd & Cape Ann

BRAD BYRD by DJ Mätthew Griffin Indie rock/alt-country singer/songwriter Brad Byrd’s debut album The Ever Changing Picture was met with critical acclaim.  He charted on ArtistDirect.com, with the single “Never Came Back” claiming the #1 download from the site, an unheard- of occurrence for an artist on an indie label back in 2005. Popular indie rock radio station WBER Rochester, NY, favored another single off that record “Weird Enough,” charting at #145 amidst some other major label talent. Other various radio stations, … Read More >>