Book Review

BOOK REVIEW A MUSICIAN’S COMPLETE GUIDE TO BETTER SOUND by BILL WYNN 49-page e-book Review by Joel Simches At 49 pages, this work from world-renowned live sound engineer Bill Winn is more of a pamphlet than a book.  Think of this as a treatise for bands to better understand how live sound works in a concert venue and how to be better prepared for the process of live performance as it relates to sound reinforcement.  Winn takes this process to the stage by … Read More >>

the Dejas

THE DEJAS by DJ Mätthew Griffin For the last five years the Dejas, Callie Lipton and Aaron Katz, have toured the Northeast spreading their original music everywhere from house concerts to festival stages. In 2007, the Dejas won the Seacoast Eye on the Arts Alternative Band of the Year award. In 2009 the band released Speeding Softly, which soon garnered the Dejas many music licensing deals. The Dejas’ songs have appeared on The Beautiful Life, produced by Ashton Kutcher, the Lifetime movie Lip Service, … Read More >>

Don’t Give Up the Ship

BACK IN NATURE by T Max As promised, Pepper’s real name will be exposed in this continuing episode. For those just starting to read this column, Pepper is a horse that I befriended in Topsfield, MA. Peter Goutzos (Little Hawke) calls and asks if I want to find that bridge again and take photos of it this time. I jump on it because it involves a hike through this big beautiful meadow in Topsfield. Before the hike we decide to … Read More >>

Eli Polonsky

ELI POLONSKY  by Dr. Swig McJigger “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana’s well-known warning particularly resonates with me in the penultimate month of the year, specifically during the annual fundraiser for radio station WMBR. I get carried away and pledge multiple times, soon thereafter chewing on life’s gristle as my scant funds are diverted to 88.1 FM; the pattern’s been repeated for the most of this millennium. Thanks to the Noise, I had the … Read More >>

Kate Taylor

KATE TAYLOR by A.J.Wachtel Coming from the first family of music in Massachusetts bears with it certain responsibilities. For decades, Kate and her brothers have treated the world to their specific sounds of creative compositions. And now in the new millennium, another generation of Taylors delights us with their talents. Here is the gospel according to Sister Kate… The Noise: In 2009, you released your CD Fair Time! and a documentary DVD with Film Truth Productions called Kate Taylor—Tunes from the Tipi and Other … Read More >>

CD Reviews

BIG DIPPER Almost Ready Records Crashes on the Platinum Planet 12 tracks Big Dipper was one of the A-list bands of the ’80s and early ’90s because of, not in spite of, their seeming frivolity. Admittedly, the band had some heavy competitors, such as the Volcano Suns (from whence they emerged), as well as Dinosaur Jr. (intense; not funny) and the Pixies (intense; funny; not altogether wholesome). But Big Dipper was and is a pure product of  America, and, specifically, of … Read More >>

Live Reviews

DON WHITE, CHRISTINE LAVIN Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA 11/2/12 Me & Thee is packed on this chilly rainy night as Christine Lavin launches with an a cappella ditty of electronic loops layering her voice. The song is all about her being at Me & Thee on a Friday night. She’s like a funny Laurie Anderson. Then, on a guitar-accompanied tune, she gets the entire audience up and out of their seats to do 150 movements. It’s amazing how … Read More >>