Tim Gearan

TIM GEARAN by Dave Westner Anyone from out of town who happens to stumble into a Boston bar—be it Atwoods or Toad—when the Tim Gearan Band is playing would immediately think this is the greatest city on earth.  Tim has assembled a band of musical heroes, at least to me and to many other local music people.  Every Monday night for years, his band (Andy Plaisted on drums, Lou Ulrich on bass, Sean Staples on mandolin, the Cottonmouth Horns—aka Paul Ahlstrand and … Read More >>

Kathy Sands-Boehmer (me & thee)

Kathy Sands-Boehmer me&thee coffeehouse by Max Bowen Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Suzanne Vega, Shawn Colvin, and Ellis Paul—names that are known by most  music lovers. Now add all local greats such as Sarah Blacker, Jenee Halstead, and Girls, Guns and Glory. It’s this blend of newcomers and veterans, both local and regional, that has elevated me&thee to a must-visit destination for lovers of folk music since it was founded 43 years ago. Located within the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead, the coffeehouse … Read More >>

The Black Cheers

THE BLACK CHEERS  by Kevin Finn The Black Cheers recently released the excellent 5-song EP Delete Delete, which has quickly become my favorite local release of the year.  It’s the rare punk record that does an outstanding job of capturing the raw energy of a live show, for which recording engineer Mike Cunniff deserves some major props.  It’s also the first recording to feature Danny O’Halloran, best known for his drumming in Darkbuster, taking the reins as frontman, a task he is … Read More >>

CD Reviews

  THE NEIGHBORHOODS The Last Rat: Live at the Rat ’92 (2-CD collection) 31 tracks The Neighborhoods may not have been the best or brightest Boston band back in the halcyon ’80s, but like many of their all-but-forgotten contemporaries—the Outlets, Dogmatics, Lyres, or anything with John Felice in it back then—they were always a sure bet for a good time, a solid rock ’n’ roll band that wrote good songs, delivered with enthusiasm.  This two-CD set, recorded live at the fabled Rat … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

Lolita: Wow, it’s hard to believe that spring starts in March—but I am looking forward to some mild weather. I’d like to forget the February 10-foot snow drifts that were outside my door. Rita: What Lolita is trying to say is, “Welcome to the March online-only issue of the Noise.” We do this every March—so don’t think that we’ve given up on print issues. In fact it’s the print issues that make our websites so popular. The Noise in print … Read More >>

Live Reviews

KRISTA PAGE & RADIO MAMBO Sally O’Briens, Somerville MA 1/29/13 Tonight I am out delivering bundles of the Noise to clubs all over the city. It’s a fun job as I usually get to stop in a bunch of places and see what’s going on.  One of my favorite locations is Union Square, an area rich with local talent boasting several clubs that showcase live music seven nights a week.  I stop by Sally O’s and am immediately floored by this girl … Read More >>

Book Review

TRIBUTE: THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOD by Arthur Orfanos The Mood Publishing; 2012 Review by Francis DiMenno “In the fight between you and the world,” Nietzsche famously pronounced, “back the world.” Solid advice. Although it seems obvious that our own continued existence on earth depends upon mutual cooperation and a sustainable use of resources, the forces of reaction are powerful and relentless, and, all too often, men of good will are ineffectual and apologetic at best and, at worst, … Read More >>