Bobby Keyes

BOBBY KEYES: A MASTER OF HIS CRAFT by Julie Dougherty; photo by Dawn Kingston It’s hard not to know who Bobby Keyes is, unless you’ve lived under a musical rock for the past thirty-plus years. He is a master guitar-player.  He is also a prolific songwriter, producer, and recording engineer.  Probably his most cherished role though is that of dad to his eight-year old son, Django, a role that came a bit later in life (he was fifty when Django … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

IN THIS ISSUE Lolita: It’s May, and may I introduce you to BOBBY KEYES, our cover boy. He’s an inspirational guitarist who pays homage to the musical styles of Les Paul, Chet Atkins and Django Reinhardt. Our other features include CHARLIE FARREN and JON BUTCHER’s latest band FARREN BUTCHER, INC., RYAN LEE CROSBY (Cancer to the Stars/ Faces on Film/ Ryan Lee Crosby Quartet), and from Worcester—THE BALLS. OUR SONG Lolita: Step right up here… hey—aren’t you Deb Hardy? Do … Read More >>

Live Reviews

WHISKEY BOYS CD Release Party, Club Passim, Cambridge, MA 3/29/12 It’s a sold-out room inside Club Passim, in celebration of the Whiskey Boy’s sophomore release, Crescent Moon. All eyes are on the stage and the crowd hangs on every word and every note fiddler David Delaney and guitarist Mark Kilianski play. The pair is a lot of fun as a duo, but tonight they mix it up a bit and bring in some guests to round out the sound on … Read More >>

CD Reviews

ANAIS MITCHELL  Wilderland Young Man in America   11 tracks Lightning strikes again! Following the success of her phenomenal 2010 folk-opera, Hadestown, Anais Mitchell has captured more magic in a bottle [err, rather CD] with a new collection of masterful thematic songs that shadows our country’s current predicaments.  Young Man in America is her continuing search for the center of home, goals, vocation, pleasure, love, loss, and spiritual faith in family and community. When I heard these tunes debuted a few … Read More >>

Don’t Give Up the Ship

EXPERIENCING DOGTOWN by T Max Our economy may be in the dumps, but from my experience the dumps are a great place to discover forgotten and discarded  items and ideas that can lead to exciting new places. Since I’ve moved to Gloucester, I’ve started learning about the area’s rich history and current controversy of how to move forward. While I love mucking through the harbor’s low tide mud to dredge up artifacts from the past, or hiking up through Dogtown, … Read More >>

David Minehan

DAVID MINEHAN PUNK NEVER GETS OLD by AJ Wachtel Having survived the punk revolution of the late ’70s and early ’80s, I can attest to the magic that surrounded the era. Seeing the Hoods at Cantone’s, the Rat and Chet’s Last Call gives me the credibility to pronounce this trio as one of the most influential audible architects of their time as well. Who amongst us doesn’t have a great memory involving this band? A generation later, Minehan reminds us … Read More >>