Scott Alarik

SCOTT ALARIK  by Kathy Sands-Boehmer Pete Seeger has called Scott Alarik “one of the best writers in America.” It’s true. Alarik is one of the most foremost purveyors of prose about folk music who has ever put words on paper or a computer screen. Known primarily as a folk music critic and analyst, he tried his hand at writing a novel and the result was Revival: A Folk Music Novel. This book highlights the highs and lows of a seasoned musician … Read More >>


FLY AMERO  by Peter Van Ness Children are playing in a warm, sunlit field behind the Amero’s Southern Avenue home in Essex, MA.  Suddenly, Mother shouts out the back door: “Come quick! Gene Krupa is on Dave Garroway.” Dennis “Fly” Amero, along with his older brother and sisters race into the dark living room to be instantly mesmerized by the first superstar drummer.  Gene Krupa had catapulted to fame on Benny Goodman’s 1937 cover of Louis Prima’s hit, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” one … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

WHAT’S THE ISSUE? Lolita: April is always one of the most exciting months of the year in New England. It’s the first time when I might consider bearing my arms—and that seems to really turn on the opposite sex. Rita: What’s this about bearing weapons and threatening to shoot guys? Have you become another whacko with a gun? Lolita: Do you see how careful I have to be with your words? I guess I should have said “get naked” and “have sex” … Read More >>

Boston Phoenix: RIP

THE PHOENIX CLOSED AND WHY YOU SHOULD CARE  by Sally Cragin After 47 years, the Boston Phoenix, one of the earliest alternative newsweeklies in the country closed on March 14, 2013. This has been devastating to hundreds of writers and staff, many of whom came of age writing for the paper.   HISTORY The Phoenix had had many incarnations during its long run, beginning with Boston After Dark (“B.A.D.”) in 1966. B.A.D. covered theater, movies, and the arts in greater depth than the three dailies in Boston … Read More >>

CD Reviews

WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF BROKEN TOYS Soft Time Traveler  18 tracks Billed as a multi-media album, this collection features a variety of song stylings from the ever-innovative and ever versatile Walter Sickert and company. That there is something special and even uncommon about the experience of seeing the band live is undeniable; reviews often focus upon the spectacle of the band, and its carnival-like aspects. These studio recordings are densely textured and full of colorful touches which help … Read More >>

Live Reviews

CHELSEA BERRY/ THE DEJAS Shalin Liu, Rockport MA 3/2/13 I like these theaters that use an unseen MC over the PA to introduce the band (and clear up the pronunciation of this venue—sha-lin lew)—it reminds me of when I was a teen attending amazing shows at the Brooklyn Fox Theatre. The “voice” introduces the Dejas, and two guitarist, one of each gender, find their seats on the stage. The 320-seat theatre is full tonight and Aaron Katz and Callie Lipton … Read More >>

Incoming Mail

R.I.P. JOE COUGHLIN on Facebook to T Max (spelled Tee Max on Facebook only): My thoughts are with you T.  This is such a huge loss for the Noise, and for you personally. I did not really know Joe, except for the reviews he wrote in the Noise, which could be baiting, funny, sarcastic, withering, or stubborn, but always truthful (at least the truth as he saw it!). I recall while interviewing him for my Globestory about the Noise’s 30th anniversary in 2011, that I … Read More >>