John Powhida International Airport

JOHN POWHIDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT by Eric Baylies John Powhida International Airport is not an actual place as of this writing, but it may be someday. They are one of the most well known and respected bands in Boston. I spoke with John Powhida about music, madness, and all the nations’ airports. Noise: As a courtesy introduction to our readers, who is in the band and what do they play? What other bands do they play in? John Powhida: Peter Moore handles … Read More >>

Noise Live Picks

Listings with an added “+” mean there are other acts on the bill. Every Sunday in June  PARKER’S SUNDAY BLUES JAM @ The Grog, Newburyport MA Every Tuesday in June (6:00)  LARRY GARLAND JAZZ JAM @ The Press Room, Portsmouth NH Every Tuesday in June  DAVE BROWN, DAVE MATTACKS, WOLF GINANDES with Special Guests @ Jalapenos, Gloucester MA Every Thursday in June  NATALIE FLANAGAN BAND @ Tavern at the End of the World, Charlestown MA Every Thursday in June  MEMORY … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

    BORN TO RUN Rita: June was a great month for popular musicians to be born. Let’s see, off the top of my head, Paul McCartney 6/18, Jeff Beck 6/24, Brian Wilson 6/20, Ray Davies 6/21, Harry Nilsson 6/15, Todd Rundgren 6/22, Prince 6/7, Gary U.S. Bonds 6/6, Les Paul 6/9, Cyndi Lauper 6/22, Mick Fleetwood 6/24, Carly Simon 6/25, and Mick Jones 6/26. Lolita: You left out that John Lennon met Paul McCartney on 6/15. Rita: But I was just … Read More >>

Live Reviews

ZOË LEWIS, BETHEL STEELE me&thee coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA 5/10/13 I’m back at my favorite coffeehouse for a performance by Zoë Lewis, whom I had seen a while ago do one song—a duet with  Chandler Travis (“Baby It’s Cold Outside”) and was compelled to catch her complete act. Bethel Steele opens the show after Phillip Murphy’s haiku introduction (with audience participation) about the location of the fire exits. Bethel is a winner of the Passim Iguana Music Fund and will visit high … Read More >>

CD Reviews

LENNY LASHLEY’S GANG OF ONE Pirates Press Records/ Panic State Records                                                   Illuminator  10 tracks Landing somewhere musically between the raucousness of Darkbuster and the country leanings of the Piss Poor Boys, Lashley delivers his most affecting set of songs to date.  Those who have focused only on the humor while missing the pathos in his previous … Read More >>

Corin Ashley

CORIN ASHLEY  FANTASY TO REALITY by DJ Mätthew Griffin Boston singer/songwriter and jet-setting “hyper-mod-pop band” Pills’ member, Corin Ashley, has jumped across the pond to record his second solo album, New Lion Terraces, at the famed Beatles’ Abbey Road Studios. With a circus of the stars line-up performing on the album, Corin breaks the bank to fulfill his 40th birthday fantasy. Noise: Recall your first musical inspirations as a child. Corin: I suppose, like a lot of people my age, the first … Read More >>

Melissa Ferrick

MELISSA FERRICK FINALLY HOME  AND FEELING HAPPY by Julia R. DeStefano   “Songs are snapshots of what you’re going through, and mine involve questioning, searching for completion, joy, and truth, and desperation for relief.  I’m satisfied with my progress as a writer and a human being, and I know I’m going to get better at both.  There will be times when I’ll feel like I’m not improving, and I’ll get through that.” ~Melissa Ferrick   Melissa Ferrick is a woman of many … Read More >>