CD Reviews

LIZ FRAME & THE KICKERS Sooner                                                                                            10 tracks This 2011 outing is, most of all, earnest, filled with spare, simplistic message songs that are performed with  an admirable sense of self-possession and integrity.  “Bullseye on My Back” is … Read More >>

Live Reviews

CASPIAN The Block (outdoor block party), Beverly, MA  7/13/13 It’s pretty cool when you can just happen to walk by an amazing free outdoor show. Such is the case when I decide to check out the Beverly street fair, The Block, and find myself in a sea of well over one thousand attentive fans cheering on Caspian, who is more than half way through their set. The street is minimally lit so the figures on the stage appear like animals spotted in … Read More >>

Book Review

ROCKS OFF: 50 TRACKS THAT TELL  THE STORY OF THE ROLLING STONES By Bill Janovitz. St. Martin’s Press; 413 pages; hardcover. Review by Francis DiMenno Boston-area musician Bill Janovitz is the author of the 33 1/3 series book Exile on Main Street (Continuum 2005), in which he discussed—some might even say dissected—every track on the album. Janovitz’s latest book tells the story of “the world’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band” but with a novel twist: their history is explored through a chronological commentary … Read More >>

Lenny Lashley

LENNY LASHLEY’S GANG OF ONE by Kevin Finn Lenny Lashley has long been one of the most beloved figures in Boston rock, largely because of the good times his bands provided.   Whether with the raucous and raunchy punk of Darkbuster or with the country stomp of The Piss Poor Boys, it was impossible to leave one of Lenny’s shows without a smile on your face.  Often, though, there was a sense of melancholy in the music.  It was often buried … Read More >>

David Addison Small

DAVID ADDISON SMALL & THE BORDERLINE SAINTS  by DJ Mätthew Griffin While Thai dining on the back deck of the home of Borderline Saints frontman David Addison Small, a thunderstorm over Boston’s South End serves up as the perfect backdrop for an evening interview with a new band comprised of veteran players. Mid pad thai, the phone rings—it’s Fritz Erickson. Chip “Taylor” Smith takes the call and exclaims: “I am out on the veranda with the Bowie.” It’s an evening … Read More >>

Eight Feet Tall

EIGHT FEET TALL  by Max Bowen Formed in November 2012, the reggae/hip-hop band Eight Feet Tall has been making a name for itself in an unprecedented way, playing to a sold-out crowd at their debut show at Church, and performing with national touring bands such as the Sophistafunks and the Fear Nuttin Band.  For months, the band has been releasing their music one song at a time, and the response has been huge. That momentum has culminated in their recent … Read More >>

Tim Casey & Glenn Williams

LOWBUDGET PRODUCTIONS:  A COTTAGE INDUSTRY BECOMES THEIR CASTLE  by Harry C. Tuniese Every city has their creative indies with everyday people striving to promote art, music, film, concerts, etc. Here in Boston, we are more than blessed with a bounty of local folks trying to make a big difference rather than a big buck. Of course, with luck on your side anything more is extra change! I recently sat down with Tim Casey and Glenn Williams, two old friends from … Read More >>