Amy Fairchild

AMY FAIRCHILD NEXT BIG THING by AJ. Wachtel When you hear her music you wonder why she isn’t a national star? Her voice, range, delivery  and projection are as good as anything you hear on the radio from a female singer today. The songs are great, the production is fine, so how come Amy Fairchild isn’t headlining arenas around the world? Read below and catch a glimpse of New England’s next big thing before the day approaches where this artist  takes off … Read More >>

Hayley Reardon

HAYLEY REARDON by Kathy Sands-Boehmer Hayley Reardon is already a seasoned pro in the music business; she’s been playing at an astounding number of clubs, coffeehouses and festivals since she was in junior high school. Hayley is now a college sophomore who is studying music at Belmont University in Nashville.  This Marblehead, Massachusetts native writes from experience and from a fresh perspective and her maturation as an artist has blossomed exponentially each year. Hayley has proven time and time again … Read More >>

Evenfall Quartet

THE EVENFALL QUARTET –  Stomp That Note by Harry C. Tuniese It must be difficult for a performer to play the standard jazz repertoire without playing cliches. They’re more likely to search within themselves for a method to realize these pieces. I think that has to do with what they put in or what’s left out of them. Apart from other forms of music, jazz is always alive in the moment. Over time, as The Great American Songbook became the … Read More >>

CDs April

If you’d like your latest recordings reviewed, send hard copies to T Max/ The Noise, 40R Highland Ave, #219 Salem, MA 01970. … CORIN ASHLEY Broken Biscuits 12 tracks Following a stroke that left both his left hand and vocal chords paralyzed, Corin Ashley made his return with Broken Biscuits. No stranger to the music scene, Ashley has toured with many well-known musicians such as Frank Turner and Dave Davies of The Kinks. The album opens with “Little Crumbles” which … Read More >>

Write live reviews and start saving on the entry fees you’re paying. Get notoriety from the acts you would love to tell the world about. Send T Max an email with LIVE REVIEWS in the subject and T will get you started. … LIZ LONGLEY/ BRIAN DUNNE Me & Thee Coffeehouse, Marblehead, MA 3/3/17 (Warning: this review includes alternate facts.) I grab a front row seat while Tony Toledo, with his big voice and big personality, gives the audience … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

BEST BENEFITS Rita: Happy April Lolita Day folks. It’s not every idiot who gets a national holiday named after them. Since you are the biggest FOOL I know it would be appropriate for you to tell us what advantages there are to being you in your stupendously stupid sorry state? Lolita: I have a better idea. How about we ask our favorite artists “What are the side benefits of playing live music in New England” instead? Rita: All right, one in a row my dear boorish sister. Let’s start … Read More >>

Book Review

BOOK REVIEW The Paragraphs. By Rick Berlin. Cutlass Press, 2016. Paperback. 248 pages. Review by Francis DiMenno The memoir form is a strange and wondrous beast. It tends to be less comprehensive than an autobiography, and therefore also tends to be impressionistic rather than concrete; terse rather than prolix; luminous rather than opaque. Impressionistic, terse and luminous is largely what we are given here; this book is mostly sweet, sometimes tough, and never, ever stuffy. All the verbal fireworks are … Read More >>