DISCOGRAPHY T MAX – HOLE IN MY SHOE 13-song CD on Dove Records  © T Max 2017 1. Hole in My Shoe (2:01) 2. Be Kind (4:15) 3. Bless You (3:53) 4. Sometimes Smart Phone (3:27) 5. Turn to a Song (4:49) 6. Giles Corey (6:38) 7. Fly (3:17) 8. Danny Boy* (3:15) 9. I Bark (2:49) 10. Life is Cheap (2:39) 11. I’m a Loser* (3:06) 12. Trip Around the Sun (0:41) 13. Space Oddity* (5:27) THE BEATLES MEET … Read More >>


The 2018 All You Need Is Love Beatles Show at Me & Thee Coffeehouse (28 Mugford St, Marblehead, MA) will be on Saturday, May 19. T Max will play a set with Bird Mancini and a couple of songs with 8-year-old Jeremy Todd. Get your tickets for the show at Brown Paper Tickets From 2016…. The 2018 All You Need is Love Beatles Show at Me & Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead, MA, will be on Saturday, May 19, at 7:30 … Read More >>


T Max co-hosts Julie Dougherty’s Open Mic on the last Wednesday of every month at the Salem MA VFW. Thursday, June 21, 2018, 4-6pm – Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, MA. Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 7:00-10pm –  Julie Dougherty’s Open Mic (the last Wednesday of every month) at THE SALEM VFW, 95 Derby St, Salem, MA – free admission – donation taken for the featured artist Thursday, June 28, 2018, 3-6pm – Medford Farmers Market, Condon Shell … Read More >>


T MAX’S EARLY DAYS IN BOSTON (1980 – before The Noise) When T Max first got to Boston in 1980 he lived for a short time in Brookline with his wife and a friend of hers from the Vineyard. T Max worked at Erewhon, located on Newbury Street, as a morning produce clerk. The health food store stood across the street from Syncro Sound, The Cars recording studio. He was also playing in Art Yard. He would be out to … Read More >>


THESE ARE REVIEWS OF T MAX SHOWS and PRODUCTS T MAX T Max’s Vegetable Tour Jamaica Plain Farmers Market/ Watertown Farmers Market/ etc. 5/28/16 – 8/4/16 How does he do it?  What are his secret energetic ingredients?  Who’s his agent?  In a never-ending quest to be among the “people,” T Max has turned into a modern day Woody Guthrie, a troubadour roaming the land to bring his music, his whimsy, and artistic inspiration to the area’s local farmer’s markets. Starting … Read More >>


Photo by Sheila Roberts Orlando Links to T MAX live performances… …. “OVER THE RAINBOW” by Chi Altro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4ufM8-0-GA&feature=youtu.be “BLESS YOU” https://youtu.be/-03WBmMXcFY “ELEANOR RIGBY” – at me & thee coffeehouse https://youtu.be/Upg5upaEYXI “TWIST & SHOUT” at Me & Thee Coffeehouse; video by Ray Dollard https://youtu.be/zKObqup7mBA “SEASON OF THE WITCH” (Tito performance) on Essex Street, Salem MA; video by Joe Gillooly https://youtu.be/uvOM2cjvjbI “NOWHERE MAN” at Me & Thee Coffeehouse with Bird Mancini https://youtu.be/aOXQifySW4E “GIMME SOME COFFEE”  – http://youtu.be/DRDKCWE7sVo “SMILE” – http://youtu.be/5SYSL1OlR0I “NO REPLY”  –  http://youtu.be/jmrEuCV3Yd0 … Read More >>

1969 – TCD

  Mr. Timothy Charles Duane…ba doomp… was born on Labor Day, 1969, when Timi and Duane arrived at Charlie’s house with a song they wanted to play for him. The song, “I Can’t Wait,” was written for a guitar and two tubas but since there was a clarinet sitting around Duane figured out how to play one of the lines. Knock knock on Charlie’s door and there he is playing the piano, while simultaneously playing another clarinet, working on his … Read More >>