2019 with T Max. T plays acoustic guitar and sings when he performs solo – and plays percussion with both Poetry Beat and Three Day Threshold.  Photo by Mike Birch at Me & Thee Coffeehouse. Thursday, March 20, 2019, 12:00 – 4:00pm, T Max plays percussion with Three Day Threshold at the DCU Center, 50 Foster St, Worcester, MA. Wednesday, March 27, 2019, T MAX co-host of Julie Dougherty’s Open Mic, at Salem VFW, 95 Derby St Salem, MA, 7-10pm … Read More >>


TITO is planning to release three videos in 2019 from songs on his Transylvania Twist album. The releases will happen on February 13, March 13, and April 13. All three videos were created by Mach Bell (Thundertrain/ Joe Perry Project).   Links to videos of T MAX live performances… …. “OVER THE RAINBOW” by Chi Altro “BLESS YOU” “ELEANOR RIGBY” – at me & thee coffeehouse “TWIST & SHOUT” at Me & Thee Coffeehouse; video by Ray … Read More >>


From The Boston Globe, November 30, 2017 Story by Ed Symkus/ photo by Dina Rudick The Noise is going silent. The music magazine that began in September 1981 as a raggedy, five-pager, piling up in rock clubs and music stores all over Boston before switching exclusively to an online format more recently, will cease publication with its December issue. The brainchild of its editor-in-chief and only paid employee, singer-songwriter-guitarist T Max, The Noise was, especially at the height of its … Read More >>


DISCOGRAPHY TITO – TRANSYLVANIA TWIST 8-song CD on Dove Records @ T Max 2018 1. The Tale of Frankenstein (2:29) 2. Invisible Man’s Mind (1:51) 3. Superstar Hairdo (3:10) 4. King Kong (2:42) 5. Shave the Wolfman (2:59) 6. Transylvania Twist (2:31) 7. Mummy Drag (3:08) 8. Godzilla Gotalota Singabout (3:20) T MAX – HOLE IN MY SHOE 13-song CD on Dove Records  © T Max 2017 1. Hole in My Shoe (2:01) 2. Be Kind (4:15) 3. Bless You … Read More >>

Transylvania Twist

The Transylvania Twist album in digital form is available at “Vat ever happened to my Transylvania Twist?” The age-old question is finally addressed.  Tito’s new album, Transylvania Twist includes original songs about Classic Horror Monsters of the 1930s – sung in a doo-wop style!   Transylvania Twist is full of life, energy and fun tunes about Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Wolf Man, the Invisible Man, the Bride of Frankenstein, King Kong and Godzilla. Dracula is also included – he sings … Read More >>

Brother Jim – RIP

Jim would have been 70 on December 2, 2018. My brother Jim Maxwell (1948-2018) knew that I looked up to him and I was grateful that he got me involved in music. When I was 14 he took me, along with his buddies, to the Murray the K shows at the Brooklyn Fox Theatre. These shows were basically a variety show featuring a lot of Motown acts mixed with the latest groups at the top of the charts. At the … Read More >>


THESE ARE REVIEWS OF T MAX SHOWS and PRODUCTS T MAX T Max’s Vegetable Tour Jamaica Plain Farmers Market/ Watertown Farmers Market/ etc. 5/28/16 – 8/4/16 How does he do it?  What are his secret energetic ingredients?  Who’s his agent?  In a never-ending quest to be among the “people,” T Max has turned into a modern day Woody Guthrie, a troubadour roaming the land to bring his music, his whimsy, and artistic inspiration to the area’s local farmer’s markets. Starting … Read More >>