In Parting

THANK YOU… THANK YOU VERY MUCH Hi. This is T Max, the founder, editor and publisher of The Noise – the guy who held this ’zine together into its 37th year. And though it’s been a wonderful trip promoting the talented musicians of New England, it’s come time for me to let it go. Lately I’ve been feeling like a second-class angel, waiting to get my wings. And after completing the December 2017, issue #382, I’ll be doing just that.  … Read More >>

Bird Mancini

BIRD MANCINI: HESITATION & EMANCIPATION By Edward Morneau The following is a playful tug of war between a writer, me – who wants to explore big-ass motifs of musical history, influences, defining moments, time and endurance, philosophy and culture; and Bird Mancini – two gifted musicians and songwriters, notoriously private, devoted to each other as partners, writers and performers. The first thing I learned was how hesitant they were to bring forth the larger statements that intrigue me, but make … Read More >>

Forget Forget

FORGET, FORGET “ELECTRO-GLIDE IN HUES” by Harry C. Tuniese Forget, Forget is an indie synth-pop duo from Portland, ME, consisting of Tyler DeVos (guitar/ vocals) and Patia Maule (synths/ vocals/ programming).  Their music is equal parts dance party and introspection, defined by analog warmth, intertwining instrumental parts, vocal harmonies, swirling textures, and reflective lyrics. Their second full-length album, You’re Not Gone, was released last July and is one of my fave albums of 2017. They play frequently in the Northeast U.S. and I have been … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

RITA AND LOLITA FULL COURT PRESS Rita: After more than 37 years, 12,775 days, writing this column with my sweet sister, I can’t think of anything good ever written about us ever.  And as the sun sets, the best thing I can think of her is that she smells like a rat.  Lolita: Likewise, the best  thing I can say about my saccharin sibling is that she stands up when she pees, but it makes me think of a great question to … Read More >>

Live Reviews

HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE/ UNNATURAL AXE House of Blues, Boston, MA 11/3/17 Shows like these put me in a reflective mood (excuse me – maybe a ROMAN mood) wherein bands that I developed a passion for years ago return from past glories and resurrect the dream that does go on forever – both for themselves and for their fans. I am forever grateful for living in Boston and have experienced so many satisfying musical memories since the mid-’60s onwards. As we … Read More >>

Book Review

The History of Rock and Roll. Volume One 1920-1963. By Ed ward. Flatiron Books. New York. 2016. Hardcover. 402 pages. Review by Francis DiMenno This history, which came out about 12 months ago, will provide a wonderful primer for those who are under the impression that rock ’n’ roll didn’t truly really begin until the advent of the Beatles. Make no mistake: toward the end of the book, Ward does devote nearly 100 pages to the events leading up to … Read More >>

Noise Live Picks

“+” after an act implies there are more acts on the bill …   Thur Dec 14  AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER + @ Middle East, Cambridge, MA Fri Dec 15  TIM GEARAN BAND @ Atwoods, Cambridge, MA Sat Dec 16 (4:00pm)  ROY SLUDGE @ Atwoods, Cambridge, MA Sun Dec 17  (5:00pm) HARRY & THE POTTERS (13th Annual Yule Ball) @ Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA Tue Dec 26  DUKE LEVINE BAND @ Atwoods, Cambridge, MA Fri Dec 29  CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC … Read More >>