David Addison Small

DAVID ADDISON SMALL & THE BORDERLINE SAINTS  by DJ Mätthew Griffin While Thai dining on the back deck of the home of Borderline Saints frontman David Addison Small, a thunderstorm over Boston’s South End serves up as the perfect backdrop for an evening interview with a new band comprised of veteran players. Mid pad thai, the phone rings—it’s Fritz Erickson. Chip “Taylor” Smith takes the call and exclaims: “I am out on the veranda with the Bowie.” It’s an evening … Read More >>

Duke Robillard

DUKE ROBILLARD  ON THE ROAD AGAIN    by A.J. Wachtel After dinner, you are tuned into WBZ Channel 4 watching Jeopardy as Alex intones to the final jeopardy contestants: “What do Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, John Hammond, the late Jimmy Witherspoon, Dr. John, Maria Muldaur, and Roomful of Blues all have in common?” You find yourself screaming “Duke Robillard! Duke Robillard! Duke Robillard!” to the TV screen and you curse the stupidity of the blank-eyed threesome. You even know Duke won Blues … Read More >>

Melissa Ferrick

MELISSA FERRICK FINALLY HOME  AND FEELING HAPPY by Julia R. DeStefano   “Songs are snapshots of what you’re going through, and mine involve questioning, searching for completion, joy, and truth, and desperation for relief.  I’m satisfied with my progress as a writer and a human being, and I know I’m going to get better at both.  There will be times when I’ll feel like I’m not improving, and I’ll get through that.” ~Melissa Ferrick   Melissa Ferrick is a woman of many … Read More >>


FLY AMERO  by Peter Van Ness Children are playing in a warm, sunlit field behind the Amero’s Southern Avenue home in Essex, MA.  Suddenly, Mother shouts out the back door: “Come quick! Gene Krupa is on Dave Garroway.” Dennis “Fly” Amero, along with his older brother and sisters race into the dark living room to be instantly mesmerized by the first superstar drummer.  Gene Krupa had catapulted to fame on Benny Goodman’s 1937 cover of Louis Prima’s hit, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” one … Read More >>

Tim Gearan

TIM GEARAN by Dave Westner Anyone from out of town who happens to stumble into a Boston bar—be it Atwoods or Toad—when the Tim Gearan Band is playing would immediately think this is the greatest city on earth.  Tim has assembled a band of musical heroes, at least to me and to many other local music people.  Every Monday night for years, his band (Andy Plaisted on drums, Lou Ulrich on bass, Sean Staples on mandolin, the Cottonmouth Horns—aka Paul Ahlstrand and … Read More >>

Jon Butcher

JON BUTCHER  GOES BACK TO THE FUTURE  by A.J. Wachtel Jon Butcher is a showman in every true sense of the word. Behind his charismatic smile is a heart full of soul and passion. And now, a generation later, he brings his iconic flashy licks front and center and revisits a great former band—Jon Butcher Axis. Read on and learn the differences between fact and fiction as the plot thickens in Butcher’s legendary life. Noise: In three sentences, give me … Read More >>

the Dejas

THE DEJAS by DJ Mätthew Griffin For the last five years the Dejas, Callie Lipton and Aaron Katz, have toured the Northeast spreading their original music everywhere from house concerts to festival stages. In 2007, the Dejas won the Seacoast Eye on the Arts Alternative Band of the Year award. In 2009 the band released Speeding Softly, which soon garnered the Dejas many music licensing deals. The Dejas’ songs have appeared on The Beautiful Life, produced by Ashton Kutcher, the Lifetime movie Lip Service, … Read More >>

Kate Taylor

KATE TAYLOR by A.J.Wachtel Coming from the first family of music in Massachusetts bears with it certain responsibilities. For decades, Kate and her brothers have treated the world to their specific sounds of creative compositions. And now in the new millennium, another generation of Taylors delights us with their talents. Here is the gospel according to Sister Kate… The Noise: In 2009, you released your CD Fair Time! and a documentary DVD with Film Truth Productions called Kate Taylor—Tunes from the Tipi and Other … Read More >>