Alastair Moock

ALASTAIR MOOCK by Max Bowen It was in 1995 that Alastair Moock came to Boston to pursue his goal as a singer-songwriter. His drive in pursuing that dream is evident in the numerous highlights over the past 20 years, including earning a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, three NAPPA Gold Awards and, in 2014, a Grammy nomination for “Best Children’s Album.” Moock said the real victory comes from making a career as a musician, by no means an easy task. He … Read More >>

Antje Duvekot

ANTJE DUVEKOT by Kathy Sands-Boehmer There are certain songs that transport you back to the time and place when you first heard them.  It’s an auditory memory that lingers, sometimes for a lifetime.  For me, the first time I heard Antje Duvekot’s song “Judas,” I was driving to work.  I admit it.  I am radio flitter and it’s gotten worse now that I have satellite radio.  In this instance, I was listening to the old WERS Coffeehouse program and it came on the air.  There was … Read More >>

Thaddeus Hogarth

THADDEUS HOGARTH by Max Bowen After 30 years of performing, funk/ R&B artist Thaddeus Hogarth says what has kept him going is maintaining a balance—as a performer, businessman, and educator at Berklee College of Music here in Boston. Part of his work at Berklee is creating online courses for students all around the world, and advancements in technology are giving new opportunities for those who wish to learn how to play. Hogarth has performed both solo and with his band, … Read More >>

Tom Scholz – Boston

TOM SCHOLZ by A.J. Wachtel .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Tremendously talented artists like Tom Scholz seldom appear in music markets today. But when they show up and make their voices heard we all stop and listen. BOSTON is back with a new full-length release, Life, Love & Hope, and is better than ever. This occurrence couldn’t have happened at a better time. Listen to what Tom Scholz has to say: Noise: It’s … Read More >>

Razors in the Night

RAZORS IN THE NIGHT  by Kevin Finn A few years ago, a wise friend told me, “I didn’t realize street punk was supposed to be about being Irish.  I thought it was supposed to be about having fun.”  He then proceeded to sing the praises of a new band he had seen who exuded the type of pure, aggressive joy that can only be found in the best of hardcore bands.  That band was Razors in the Night.  Intrigued, I … Read More >>

Willie Alexander

WILLIE “LOCO” ALEXANDER by Peter Van Ness “Hear that?  That trans-oceanic tshhh, tshhh, tshhh scratch on the record?  That’s hip hop.” Punk-rock icon Willie “Loco” Alexander cocks his head, thrusting one ear toward the 78 rpm record player in time with the rhythm of the needle at the end of a Bessie Smith song we’ve been listening to.  He smiles and winks as if catching a new tune for the very first time.  Infected by the scratchy beat, Willie wriggles … Read More >>

Brian & MaryBeth Maes

BRIAN MAES & MARYBETH MAES By A.J. Wachtel Brian and MaryBeth Maes are the best-kept secret on the local music scene and are probably the most talented unknown artists in New England today. With voices like angels, these two great musicians won’t remain unheard of and undiscovered for long. The fact that they are married and in the same ascending band just adds more magic to their story and illustrates how the whole is greater than the parts in this great group. Noise: … Read More >>

Zoe Lewis

ZOË LEWIS by Randy Frost ‘World beat vaudeville” is how she is described. Other terms would be part Huck Finn, part Julie Andrews, and “a band in a body.” Great descriptions of the quirky, happy, fun, and downright delightfully entertaining music of Zoë Lewis. When I asked her to elaborate on “world beat vaudeville,” she answered “I’m a big traveler and have been to over 70 countries. I got the wanderlust! Everywhere I went I soaked in the local music. It … Read More >>