Don White

TALKING WITH FUNNY MAN DON WHITE by Kathy Sands-Boehmer Don White is one of a kind.  He’s a genuine guy who loves his hometown of Lynn, loves his community of fans and friends, and loves being able to communicate via songs, stories, and humor. Don was a keen observer of musicians as he was growing up and learning how to pick out some tunes on his guitar. It wasn’t until he made the connection and began to study comedians so … Read More >>

Diane Blue

DIANE BLUE by A.J. Wachtel In my book, there are not many performances more entertaining than seeing and hearing an incredible blues diva belt out a song in front of a great band. Case in point is Ms. Blue singing with Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters. For the first time in two decades the Blues Foundation’s 2014 Blues Music Award’s “Best Blues Guitarist,” Ronnie Earl, has increased the voltage of his band with the addition of this extraordinarily talented vocalist. And … Read More >>

Frentatta Terrapa

 STONER PROG’s “IT” DIRECTOR:  FRENTATTA TERRAPA  by Shauna Erlbaum Boston-Providence’s burgeoning stoner prog music scene is, for my money, the most exciting music scene in eons, and part of the buzz and identity comes courtesy of the music videos of Frentatta Terrapa, who is like the Roger Dean to this scene’s trippier/ sloppier prog rock bands. In a very short time, her distinctive music videos have given uniformity to a wide variety of experimental bands, with her, dare I say, iconic … Read More >>

Danny Bedrosian

GETTING FUNKY WITH DANNY BEDROSIAN by A.J. Wachtel Danny Bedrosian is one funky dude. From classical piano training in Lawrence, MA, as a youngster, to performing electronic dance music in arenas around the world as an adult, you’ll never catch him sitting still for a second. From George Handel to George Gershwin to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Danny says, time to get funked up! Noise: You were born in Lawrence, MA, and your parents were concert level classical pianists who … Read More >>

Heather Maloney

HEATHER MALONEY A Quick Q and A by Kathy Sands-Boehmer There are singer-songwriters and there are singer-songwriters…. There’s something special about Heather Maloney and it’s absolutely impossible not to notice that her talent is palpable in every way.  It isn’t just her unique voice with its edgy crispness but also the rhythms and melodies of her songs that entice each listener to pay attention… closely.  Heather recalls the musical collaboration with Darlingside at the Me & Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead … Read More >>

Ayla Brown

AYLA BROWN  by A.J. Wachtel If there is ever a time when you need inspiration, look no further. From high school NCAA basketball record holder to a current record label owner. From singing on American Idol to releasing her third C&W album, Ayla Brown is a true talent. Listen to what this skilled singer has to say. Noise: You recently released your third full album Let Love In. How has the feedback been so far and care to share a story about … Read More >>

Barrence Whitfield

BARRENCE WHITFIELD & THE SAVAGES  by A.J. Wachtel Seeing Barrence Whitfield onstage is like watching fireworks explode. Maybe a little less colorful and visual but certainly with equal levels of voltage, passion and energy. His electric high-wattage performances have excited audiences all over the world. While he was on tour I caught up with him at his hotel room in Wexford, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburg. Barrence is fierce. Barrence is brutal. Barrence is a savage. Noise: You were born in Florida … Read More >>

Randy Black

RANDY BLACK & THE HEATHCROPPERS by Christopher Burbul One Sunday I ran in to my old band mate Larry Dersch. We’d been in the Bentmen together back in the early ’90s,and anybody who knows him know he is not only one hell of a guy, but also a gifted drummer. After a little catch up, he mentioned that he was playing with a former band mate and of ours, Bassist Matt Gruenberg, another serious player, in a trio with this … Read More >>