Ayla Brown

AYLA BROWN  by A.J. Wachtel If there is ever a time when you need inspiration, look no further. From high school NCAA basketball record holder to a current record label owner. From singing on American Idol to releasing her third C&W album, Ayla Brown is a true talent. Listen to what this skilled singer has to say. Noise: You recently released your third full album Let Love In. How has the feedback been so far and care to share a story about … Read More >>

Barrence Whitfield

BARRENCE WHITFIELD & THE SAVAGES  by A.J. Wachtel Seeing Barrence Whitfield onstage is like watching fireworks explode. Maybe a little less colorful and visual but certainly with equal levels of voltage, passion and energy. His electric high-wattage performances have excited audiences all over the world. While he was on tour I caught up with him at his hotel room in Wexford, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburg. Barrence is fierce. Barrence is brutal. Barrence is a savage. Noise: You were born in Florida … Read More >>

Randy Black

RANDY BLACK & THE HEATHCROPPERS by Christopher Burbul One Sunday I ran in to my old band mate Larry Dersch. We’d been in the Bentmen together back in the early ’90s,and anybody who knows him know he is not only one hell of a guy, but also a gifted drummer. After a little catch up, he mentioned that he was playing with a former band mate and of ours, Bassist Matt Gruenberg, another serious player, in a trio with this … Read More >>

Duke Levine

DUKE LEVINE by A.J. Wachtel Duke Levine is everywhere, onstage or in the studio, in New England or around the world, playing folk, country, R&B and rock ’n’ roll. There’s a good chance you’ve heard his ringing tone and stinging licks somewhere. He’s a local Worcester kid who grew up to become one of the best and most talented artists around. Born a Duke, he is now a king. Check out his latest royal decree: Noise: You were born in … Read More >>

Mission of Burma

MISSION OF BURMA by Eric Baylies Any serious discussion of Boston rock music begins and ends with Mission of Burma. The band was started in 1979 by Roger Miller, Peter Prescott, and Clint Conley, and rounded out by soundman-tape manipulator Martin Swope. The original incarnation lasted about four years. The legend grew well beyond New England and in 2002 Burma reformed, with Bob Weston of Shellac replacing Swope. Since then the band has released more music than the first time … Read More >>

Juliana Hatfield

JULIANA HATFIELD by Kevin Finn As a high school senior in 1993-1994, The Juliana Hatfield Three’s Become What You Are proved to be one of the handful of albums that had a profound impact on my musical tastes.  It not only represented one of my initial excursions into non-mainstream rock, but it also opened me up to both the richness of the Boston music scene and the idea that women could rock out just as well as men.  For a … Read More >>

Quinn Sullivan

QUINN SULLIVAN by A.J. Wachtel How many teenagers have toured the world with a blues icon or have appeared a number of times on national TV? When I was sixteen years old, I just wanted to graduate high school and sleep late. But not many youths have the talent, focus, and maturity to find themselves on the top of the world at such an early age. Quinn Sullivan lives a life of Shakespearean proportions. Check out what this accomplished adolescent … Read More >>

Frank Black

FRANK BLACK by Kevin Finn When people think of Frank Black, their first thoughts inevitably drift toward his work fronting the legendary Pixies, a band whose impact on indie rock runs every bit as deep as that of The Velvet Underground, The Replacements, Sonic Youth, or whichever icon you care to choose. The band’s shifting dynamics and knack for combining off-kilter imagery with ear-candy hooks clearly paved the way not only for chart-topping ’90s stars like Nirvana, but also for a … Read More >>