Jon Butcher

JON BUTCHER: AT THE AXIS By A.J. Wachtel In 1982, The J. Geils Band did the unthinkable and took an unsigned local act on an international tour to promote their hit release Freeze Frame. This exposure led to Jon Butcher Axis signing an international deal with Polygram Records. And in the almost thirty five years since, Butcher’s star continues to shine brightly with his latest release 2Roads East. Check out what the man with the Strat has to say about what’s happening on his fretboard and how he made … Read More >>

Muck & the Mires

MUCK & THE MIRES Stuck in the Muck By A.J. Wachtel After a recent show, an excited member of their audience went up to to the group and loudly exclaimed “you are my new favorite band in Boston,” as the members smiled politely and knowingly. It’s not the first time this has happened and they’ve heard this sentiment; and in fact it has almost become de rigueur to hear similar comments after any and all of their gigs. Their passion and talent is unsurpassed … Read More >>

Roberto Mighty

ROBERTO MIGHTY Magnificent, Monumental and Mighty Good By A.J. Wachtel The mark of a truly great artist can be seen in multiple ways. Longevity, creativity and the ability to master many manners to communicate and express one’s tremendous talents, are all part of the picture. Roberto Mighty may not be the most famous member of our entertainment environment but he positively provides part of the foundation, stability and passion that makes our local scene stronger and more important than any … Read More >>

Natalie Joly

NATALIE JOLY Nineteen Going On Thirty By A.J. Wachtel If you haven’t yet heard of this talented young lady, rest assured you will. If you aren’t aware of one of New England’s best unknown artists around today, relax you will be. All things are coming together right now for this future superstar and by this time next year her name will be on everyone’s lips and her music will be on everyone’s playlist. Noise: As a teenage artist from Wakefield, what … Read More >>

Bent Knee

BENT KNEE:  Hands Up for Success!! by Harry C. Tuniese From different locales, six youngsters come to Boston’s Berklee College of Music, seeking to elevate their musical knowledge. Soon they form Bent Knee, a genre- defying art-rock collective. Fiercely innovative, the band bridges the gap between the experimental and the familiar, merging texture and style into music that’s moving, addictive, confident, and original. They draw from an expansive sonic palette edged by the touchstones of progressive rock, heavy psych, baroque … Read More >>


Keeping Track of  HUNTER by A.J. Wachtel Hunter Stamas, Cameron Gilhooly, Connor Coburn and Zack Warneka belong to the best alt/folk/rock band ever to come out of southern New Hamphire. Their infectious music and stunning shows have captured the attention and ears of an ever growing fan base all over the world. This is a great group with a unique sound. Read on and catch the reasons why everyone is picking up the scent of this very talented quartet. Noise: Your … Read More >>

Air Traffic Controller

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER TAKES OFF by A.J. Wachtel While serving as an Air Traffic Controller for the U.S. Navy, Dave Munro sent home demos written during his deployment. Soon after his return he met band mate and fellow singer/songwriter Casey Sullivan and they now have national recognition as artists, and make contemporary music with a unique category-defining organic/electronic sound. Take a seat with Dave and Casey as they navigate their rise to stardom: Noise: Air Traffic Controller’s music has been described … Read More >>

Count Zero

COUNT ZERO by Eric Baylies Count Zero was formed roughly twenty years ago by Peter Moore from the ashes of Think Tree. They will celebrate two decades as a band with a 20th anniversary show at Cuisine El Locale at Once in Somerville on Friday, March 18 with The Shills and Bury Me Standing. I had a chance to speak with Peter about two decades of music, teaching, recording, performing and the Blue Man Group. Noise: How did Count Zero start? … Read More >>