Drunken Logic

The exhilarating effects of DRUNKEN LOGIC By A.J. Wachtel Sometimes things just fall together in the right way and you find yourself in a band where the sum of the parts may be greater than the whole; and you make great music cooperatively. Case in point: Jake Cassman (piano and vocals), Austin Wells (lead guitar and vocals) and Ryan Jordan (rhythm guitar, keys, mandolin and vocals), as individually talented a trio as you can find today in New England. Determining whether your … Read More >>

The Suitcase Junket

THE SUITCASE JUNKET Mustachioed Multi-Instrumentalist Music Man By A.J. Wachtel Defining The Suitcase Junket (Matt Lorenz) into just one genre of music can’t be done. Naming his many stylistic influences is much easier. Categorizing the music this unique one man band produces is much more difficult than just accepting his enchanting and enthralling sound. This gripping artist really showcases the depth and diversity of the New England music scene and deserves your support and attention. Listen to what this clever … Read More >>

The Forz

THE FORZ By A.J. Wachtel The Liverpool Sound invasion of the early ’60s happened more than 50 years ago but you can still hear the resulting reverberations whenever The Forz get onstage and shake the roof of the club. Sorta like Herman’s Hermits meets Weezer meets Gerry & the Pacemakers meets The Hollies meets Fountains of Wayne. Cole Tyler is on vocals and lead guitar, Anthony Graziano sings and plays rhythm guitar, Dave Gambon on vocals and bass, and Ryan … Read More >>

John Davidson

JOHN DAVIDSON: Fantastic Folk Artist By A.J. Wachtel Many people just remember John Davidson for his work in various television roles, including sitcoms, game shows, variety shows, and talk shows. But he is also a very talented musician who still performs around the state charming audiences with his supreme singing and great guitar work. Here’s what the former star behind the center square on Hollywood Squares is up to today. Noise: You are an American singer, actor and game show host. What’s similar in hosting a TV show … Read More >>

Jon Butcher

JON BUTCHER: AT THE AXIS By A.J. Wachtel In 1982, The J. Geils Band did the unthinkable and took an unsigned local act on an international tour to promote their hit release Freeze Frame. This exposure led to Jon Butcher Axis signing an international deal with Polygram Records. And in the almost thirty five years since, Butcher’s star continues to shine brightly with his latest release 2Roads East. Check out what the man with the Strat has to say about what’s happening on his fretboard and how he made … Read More >>

Muck & the Mires

MUCK & THE MIRES Stuck in the Muck By A.J. Wachtel After a recent show, an excited member of their audience went up to to the group and loudly exclaimed “you are my new favorite band in Boston,” as the members smiled politely and knowingly. It’s not the first time this has happened and they’ve heard this sentiment; and in fact it has almost become de rigueur to hear similar comments after any and all of their gigs. Their passion and talent is unsurpassed … Read More >>

Roberto Mighty

ROBERTO MIGHTY Magnificent, Monumental and Mighty Good By A.J. Wachtel The mark of a truly great artist can be seen in multiple ways. Longevity, creativity and the ability to master many manners to communicate and express one’s tremendous talents, are all part of the picture. Roberto Mighty may not be the most famous member of our entertainment environment but he positively provides part of the foundation, stability and passion that makes our local scene stronger and more important than any … Read More >>

Natalie Joly

NATALIE JOLY Nineteen Going On Thirty By A.J. Wachtel If you haven’t yet heard of this talented young lady, rest assured you will. If you aren’t aware of one of New England’s best unknown artists around today, relax you will be. All things are coming together right now for this future superstar and by this time next year her name will be on everyone’s lips and her music will be on everyone’s playlist. Noise: As a teenage artist from Wakefield, what … Read More >>