by Robin Umbley They’re alt-country. They’re traditional country. They’re punk. They’re bluegrass. They’re rock ‘n’ roll. They’re Celtic. They’re drinking a lot of beer. They’re Three Day Threshold, a four-piece that’s a crazy amalgam of all those styles with beer seemingly the glue that holds them all together. Yes, these guys like to have a good time; they recently held a CD release party (for their latest disc, Against the Grain) and went all out with a Western party theme, … Read More >>

Mr. Butch (Sept. 11, 1950 – July 12, 2007)

MR. BUTCH (Harold Madison Jr.) died in an accident on July 12, 2007 while riding his new red scooter. WHAT YOU WON'T READ IN THE GLOBE ABOUT MR. BUTCH I first met Mr Butch is 1979 in Kenmore Square and he bit me on the leg in the nicest possibly way, so I invited him to a party at my apartment. There were a lot of proper Simmons girls in attendance that my roommate invited. As the party progressed Mr … Read More >>

Casey Desmond

CASEY DESMOND No Disguises ~ by Shady       I’m tired and it’s raining—not exactly a brilliant combination. My day sucked from the get go, having woken up painfully early for work and having fight slower-than-death traffic in the rain. I find a surprisingly close parking spot, start walking, and evade raindrops as I prepare to meet up with Casey Desmond. If you aren’t familiar with Casey, she’s a young and talented singer-songwriter who’s made quite a name for herself in … Read More >>


  THE ROADSTEAMER by Glenwood The interview with Robby Roadsteamer about his upcoming record, I’ll Be At Your Funeral, written and recorded by the band rechristened as simply Roadsteamer, was a revelation.  I expected the obnoxious and ludicrous frontman who penned “I Put a Baby in You” to be cagey or difficult; I was miles off.  He’s genteel, oddly shy, and self-deprecating.          It seems that after an unlucky recent run with the music business and love, he is now … Read More >>


DENNIS BRENNAN O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN! THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE BRENNAN by Kier Byrnes                   There ain’t nobody in this town like Dennis Brennan.  Hell, if you like good ole’ rock ’n’ roll, if you like your country licks with a little soul, if you like your songs with a health dose of heartfelt loneliness and reckless abandon, there ain’t anyone anywhere like Dennis Brennan.  It took six years and a whole lot of heart to put together his … Read More >>


WILL DAILEY by Glenwood      “The one thing I tried to make sure of while putting my last two records together is that I was being purposeful. I could spend all my time recording songs and jerking around but now that everyone and their rabid dog can put a song on the web for free, I think artists have to pay attention—more than ever now—to the material they are putting out. The saturation epidemic is creating an immunity to “new” … Read More >>


by John Hess The Gobshites are: Peter—guitar and vocals Betty—fiddle Chuck—drums Pret—banjo Rob—bass Steve—accordion Ryan—mandolin     As we’re in the midst of another miserable winter, the thought of spring is on everyone’s minds. The first event to kick off spring is always St. Patrick’s Day. And the best way to kick off St. Paddy’s Day is to venture off to see The Gobshites, who are making a point of celebrating St. Paddy’s Day 365 days a year. They are a … Read More >>