Chello Chix: Breaking the Mold

CELLO CHIX: BREAKING THE MOLD by Michael Bloom It’s understandable why you wouldn’t often think of rocking out on a cello. Maybe you’d think instead of that scene in Take the Money and Run, where Woody Allen is trying to play one in his high school marching band. But appearances can be deceiving; the cello actually has a surprisingly vibrant niche in rock. Cream’s Jack Bruce played cello on their Wheels of Fire LP, and Jimmy Page scored a cello … Read More >>


MY OWN WORST ENEMY by Nancy Neon My Own Worst Enemy may have appeared to be under the radar with the releases of Treblemaker in 2000 and No Guarantees in 2003, but their current CD Total Action (release party on 11/2 at the Abbey Lounge) has landed them on the map. Pete Weiss has produced almost all the songs on the band’s three CDs and has earned the undying admiration of My Own Worst Enemy. In fact, the band considers … Read More >>


DREAMCHILD DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR by Michael Bloom Working in close proximity for long enough, bands may grow to resemble close families. Shared tastes may spread from music to aesthetics, to lifestyle, to metaphysics. They may get to where they finish each other’s sentences. They learn to both prop each other up and stay out of each other’s way, as if by instinct. And when they play, they become more than the sum of their parts, a confluence of sound … Read More >>


by Robin Umbley They’re alt-country. They’re traditional country. They’re punk. They’re bluegrass. They’re rock ‘n’ roll. They’re Celtic. They’re drinking a lot of beer. They’re Three Day Threshold, a four-piece that’s a crazy amalgam of all those styles with beer seemingly the glue that holds them all together. Yes, these guys like to have a good time; they recently held a CD release party (for their latest disc, Against the Grain) and went all out with a Western party theme, … Read More >>

Mr. Butch (Sept. 11, 1950 – July 12, 2007)

MR. BUTCH (Harold Madison Jr.) died in an accident on July 12, 2007 while riding his new red scooter. WHAT YOU WON'T READ IN THE GLOBE ABOUT MR. BUTCH I first met Mr Butch is 1979 in Kenmore Square and he bit me on the leg in the nicest possibly way, so I invited him to a party at my apartment. There were a lot of proper Simmons girls in attendance that my roommate invited. As the party progressed Mr … Read More >>

Casey Desmond

CASEY DESMOND No Disguises ~ by Shady       I’m tired and it’s raining—not exactly a brilliant combination. My day sucked from the get go, having woken up painfully early for work and having fight slower-than-death traffic in the rain. I find a surprisingly close parking spot, start walking, and evade raindrops as I prepare to meet up with Casey Desmond. If you aren’t familiar with Casey, she’s a young and talented singer-songwriter who’s made quite a name for herself in … Read More >>


  THE ROADSTEAMER by Glenwood The interview with Robby Roadsteamer about his upcoming record, I’ll Be At Your Funeral, written and recorded by the band rechristened as simply Roadsteamer, was a revelation.  I expected the obnoxious and ludicrous frontman who penned “I Put a Baby in You” to be cagey or difficult; I was miles off.  He’s genteel, oddly shy, and self-deprecating.          It seems that after an unlucky recent run with the music business and love, he is now … Read More >>