Jason Bennett & the Resistance

JASON BENNETT & THE RESISTANCE by Ryan Bray While they've only been together a brisk three years, Jason Bennett & the Resistance (guitarist Jimmy Burke, bassist Ryan Packer, and drummer Mike McCabe) make music steeped in local street punk history. With roots and ties stemming back to old guard punk heroes such as Suspect Device and the Pug Uglies, and modern day torchbearers the Street Dogs and Death and Taxes, the Resistance,with but a five song EP to their credit, … Read More >>


BIRD MANCINI Accordian Days by Shady It’s the bottom of the sixth in game three of the ALCS and the Sox are down five to zip. There’s nothing to be excited about—given that the Tampa Bay Rays are all of a sudden a force to be reckoned with. Kotsay flies out to BJ Upton and the side is retired. In utter frustration I turn the TV off. The only thing to be excited about this early crisp autumn evening is … Read More >>


PETER MOORE ONE HELL OF A RIDE by Stace Exhilaration: the giddy nervous excitement you feel when you finally have left the old comfortable shoe of your relationship and you really are truly free. Free to stay out all night and not check in, free to rent sappy movies, free to go out with anyone you want and ironically, free to start the whole cycle all over again. This is but one nuanced musical sentiment on the debut solo album … Read More >>


by Robin Umbley Catching up with Amanda Palmer isn’t easy. One night, she’s playing piano and singing at Symphony Hall with the Boston Pops, then she’s jetting off on yet another tour that runs from the West Coast to Toronto and New York, and finally Europe.  And before all that, she recorded a solo record with Ben Folds as the producer which comes out this month. Oh—and she’s got a book of photographs coming out to accompany her solo CD, … Read More >>

Nick Blakey

NICK BLAKEY CHURCH OF ROCK by Shady Church opened its doors less than a year ago and in that very short time the club has gained an excellent reputation for good music of all stripes. Booking impresario Nick Blakey has been at the forefront bringing a new found respect for what makes one rock club better than another. The atmosphere and most importantly, the music, is where Church truly shines. The atmosphere is decidedly upscale with a dark yet sophisticated … Read More >>


The Ongoing Story of JIMMY RYAN: Killing is a Mortal Sin, but God Damn that Mandolin… by Kier Byrnes   Jimmy Ryan is one of my all time favorite musicians. I was introduced to his mandolin stylings back in college when I was listening to an old Morphine album that he sat in on. I was immediately hooked. It’s a few years later, but Jimmy is still kicking ass like no other. If you’ve never seen or heard Jimmy play … Read More >>

Eli Paperboy Reed and the True Loves

THE INSIDE SCOOP ON ELI “PAPERBOY” REED & THE TRUE LOVES by Andrew Leader Eli “Paperboy” Reed seems out of place at the 2007 Boston Music Awards.  The event, held at the Orpheum Theatre in December last year, is mostly dominated by pop-punk, metal, and hip-hop acts.  Reed and his blues buddies, including the likes of James Montgomery, David Hull, Johnny A, Barrence Whitfield, and George Leh, share the stage midway through the evening.  Reed sticks out like a sore … Read More >>

Me & Joan Collins

ME & JOAN COLLINS: JOANIE LOVES ROCK ’N’ ROLL by Shady Here’s something different: a rock band that is more concerned with the roll than the rock. Out of the ashes of the Collisions, Bo Barringer (guitar and vocals) scrapes together a pop band with soaring melodies and a dual guitar attack that is also less concerned with the attack. Rounding out the line-up is Jen Grygiel (guitar and vocals) and Jason Marchionna (drums). Don’t worry kids, they have a … Read More >>