AD FRANK & THE FAST EASY WOMEN by Rick Dumont He’s seen a lot of changes in the music industry since hitting the stages of the city more than two decades ago, but Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women continue to make music that matters and strikes cords of deep emotion in his fans. Celebrating the release of his first album in four years, Your Secrets are Mine Now, Ad has turned the tables on the messages that made … Read More >>


GOLI GOLI by Michael Bloom I’ve seen Fluttr Effect a few times, though not as often as they deserve. They’ve always been the kind of band that invokes both hemispheres of the brain with equal enthusiasm, embraces all sorts of contradictions, and just plain gets away with an awful lot of peculiar experiments. Their instrumental lineup has always advertised exactly that: on the one hand, a couple of guys rockin’ out on guitar and drums; on the other, a cello … Read More >>


 THE LUXURY THE LUXURY: IN THE WAKE OF WHAT WON’T CHANGE by Max Heinegg These days Jason Dunn is the prince of Allston, when once he was the pauper. The singer/ songwriter, bandleader of the Luxury and musical journeyman has sweat it out for a decade and recently, hit a well-earned stretch, winning the Rumble, opening for Coldplay, and planning a July CD release at the Paradise.  I caught up with Jason recently after listening to an advance copy of … Read More >>


THE NEW ALIBIS by Kevin Finn The New Alibis are a new band, but given each member’s pedigree, it’s easy to forget that. It’s also easy to make assumptions about what they sound like. Punk rock? Sure, that’s in the mix, but the New Alibis aren’t a band that believes music began and ended in 1977. Check out either of their stellar EPs, and you’ll also be treated to touches of glam, arena, and straight ahead rock ’n’ roll, all … Read More >>


TOM HAUCK, AUTHOR by Robin Umbley Tom Hauck, former guitarist for the Atlantics and the ’80s pop-synth band Ball & Pivot, is looking rather professorial in his jeans, white linen shirt, and tan corduroy blazer. His thick, dark brown wavy hair barely has a hint of gray. It’s a look that seems apropos for his profession these days. Although he now has an MBA degree, he describes himself as simply a writer. Not only does he do freelance work for … Read More >>

JENN VIX feature291

JENN VIX VIX’S ELECTRIC MIDNIGHT by DJ Matthew Griffin If you want mood and attitude, then you’re in the right vicinity. Just step a little closer. Enter the web of Jenn Vix’s electronic rock and its dark and cinematic undertones. Vix’s manifestations are full of atmosphere and musical hooks. Tenebrous melodies arise from the shadows and the seduction and destruction of the listener is complete with the entrance of Jenn’s irresistible vocals. Dark textures cut like a finely honed blade. … Read More >>

Preacher Jack

PREACHER JACK BAPTISES THEM ALL by Eric Baylies Syd Barret, Nick Drake, Jim Morrison, even Tupac Shakur, if you will. Legends, shamans, men of mystery. Well, you don’t have to go to a treasure trove of the past or a creepy cemetary in Paris to see a reclusive legend. All you have to do is venture out in Boston or Salem any three or four nights of the week and you can witness the boogie woogie master, Preacher Jack. I … Read More >>


BOSTONGARAGEBANDS.COM NOT JUST FOR GARAGE BANDS by Shady There have been many Internet-based radio stations in Boston over the past few years—some more successful than others. This fact doesn’t deter Jeff Royds and his quest to provide quality streamed and podcast-based local music. Despite the name of the site, Boston Garage Bands Radio does not cater solely to the garage genre—all types of rock ’n’ roll are showcased. The site offers opportunities for artists to distribute their music and their … Read More >>