JOHN EYE by DJ Mätthew Griffin By the rude bridge that arched the flood, their flag to April’s breeze unfurl’d; Here once the embattl’d farmers stood, and fired the shot heard round the world. -Emerson Noise: Let’s start with the early years. You began with gigs at the Rat and upstairs at the Middle East. Before long, the band [One of Us] was filling up the downstairs at the Middle East, T.T. the Bear’s and headlining the Paradise. You’ve played … Read More >>


MAX BOWEN’S CITYWIDE BLACKOUT by Ryan Bray If you told Max Bowen one year ago today that he’d be a radio personality, he would have laughed. Now it appears the joke is on him. These days, Bowen is a man who wears many hats. He’s a newspaperman by day, a radio show host by night, and, if that’s not enough, a show promoter when he finds the precious spare time. Since May, he’s helmed Citywide Blackout, an Internet radio show … Read More >>

GimmeSound299 Where Musicians Get Theirs by Shady We have all experienced music-based websites promising to promote your band or get your music out to the masses. But is not your typical music site. Fans don’t pay for music downloads. Instead, the site pays the artist out of ad revenues. It was developed and built by people who genuinely like music–musicians and those who want to help those artists get their music out to the fans. They also invite the … Read More >>


VANILLA MEANS NEVER HAVING TO SAY YOU’RE CHANDLER TRAVIS by Joe Coughlin There’s so much constantly going on with this guy, there’s barely enough room for his own words here. Conveniently, he was pretty economical with ’em anyway, which is bound to happen when you’re distracted from writing your next boatload of killer songs (and the writer’s dictaphone largely shits the bed). It ended up being fairly accurate to downplay that whole angle anyway, as the volume and quality of … Read More >>


PHIL HAYNEN (passed on 11/20/09) November 21, 2009 It wasn't as if it were a total shock. It was more of a tragic inevitability held at bay by denial and lack of real contact. So, it was merely a vaguely anticipated surprise of bitter sadness. One that had become almost routine in the chain of deaths and grieving that accompanies the loss that we feel for those we have lost daily movement with but have reserved as a matter of … Read More >>


RAY NEADES by Pete Cassani There are hundreds of stories about Ray, but he was a way better storyteller than me, and he remembered everything! The way Ray told a story it was always very funny and put you in a good light. It's summer 1990. My band, the Velcro Peasants, is playing a gig at some club in Northampton that has since closed. I'm drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, but not drinking. There's maybe 30 people in the place and … Read More >>

Mascara 297

MASCARA by Rick Dumont Chris Mascara is a real man of genius when it comes to the arts. He’s a student of the psychology of music, a writer of deeply introspective themed rhythmic tapestries, an amazingly talented actor and, oh yeah, he’s also a very accomplished musician and singer. It is that music, complied into a new album, Fountain of Tears, that will be released in January with a celebratory show at the Middle East upstairs on the 29th. “It’s … Read More >>

Lovewhip 296

LOVEWHIP by Eric Baylies For over a decade Lovewhip has been tearing it up in Boston and beyond. The band currently consists of Erin Harpe on guitar and lead vocals, Jim Countryman on bass and backing vocals, Ryan Dryburgh on drums, and Sam Marshall on keyboards, samples, loops, vocoder, and backing vocals. Erin let me in on some of the band’s secret history. She told me how and when the band formed. She said, “Jim and I dreamed it up … Read More >>