Sam Adams

SAM ADAMS – RAP RULES by A.J.Wachtel Local artist Sam Adams is the future king of rap and hip-hop and his growing number of fans agree that their shared vision of this genre’s evolution is placed perfectly in his extremities. And at a recent Adams show at the House of Blues, this writer witnessed one thousand fans, most of them cute college-aged females, scream every word to every song in Sam’s catalog. After hearing his tunes and seeing this young … Read More >>

Chelsea Berry

CHELSEA BERRY WHO IS SHE AND WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT HER? by Bejon Gae Some of you may remember Harry Nilsson’s brilliant self-promotion— he put this question about himself in the middle of a full-page ad in a newspaper. A newpaper in New York. A lot of people saw it and wanted to know who he was. He got everybody talking about him. Enter Chelsea Berry. the statu-esque, powerhouse of a songwriter, singer, musician, performer extrodin-aire, and is originally … Read More >>

John Zewizz

JOHN ZEWIZZ • SLEEPCHAMBER by DJ Mätthew Griffin The year 2010 has brought some major 30th anniversaries in Boston: we have celebrated the punk/hardcore venue Gallery East and its 30-year reunion; the Noise has turned 30; and now the internationally re-nowned, yet local, American industrial band SLEEPCHAMBER receives acknowledgement of their 30 years of existence. Formed in 1981 by John Zewizz and some high school friends, SLEEPCHAMBER has gone through various line-ups over the past three decades and has put … Read More >>


RICK BERLIN by AJ Wachtel Rick Berlin is as iconic in Boston as Old Ironsides and clam chowder. And in the past generation, he has seen all the trends in music come and go and has consistently produced his own easily recognizable style and songs to hungry ears and a large local following without compromising his message or his music. His leadership and large catalog are what separates him from the majority of performers trying to make a difference in … Read More >>


  photo: Philip Pocella  •  story by A.J. Wachtel A member of Massachusetts’ First Family of Music, Livingston Taylor has just released a new CD, Last Alaska Moon, and its wonderful folk-inspired melodies may be the best music release of the year. And currently on tour performing his catalog on the left coast, he was cool enough to call me from an airport between flights and then again the next day during some rare down time to make sure we … Read More >>


ANAIS MITCHELL THE ROAD FROM THERE TO HERE by Harry C. Tuniese I’m always amazed by my sudden discovery of any entertainer who totally clicks me on. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what impulse forced me to check them out, because although it seems some talents have either been here forever—while some slowly creep into your consciousness—it feels great to stay ahead of the curve. Developing the focus and testament, it’s only quality and integrity of the artist that will … Read More >>


WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF TOYS by Joel Simches Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys have been exciting and warping the artistic minded for the last several years. From the initial core of Walter and Edrie, their army has spread to encompass some of the finest artistic and musical minds in Boston. Their live shows have been epic and over the top, having toured with the Tiger Lillies, Amanda Palmer, Jaggery, and so many others. Most recently … Read More >>


ASA BREBNER: ROCKIN’ STRONG by Julia R. DeStefano “The way to innocence, to the uncreated and to God leads on, not back, not back to the wolf or to the child, but even further into sin, ever deeper into human life.” ~Herman Hesse A prolific songwriter, wordsmith, producer, and all-around gem of the local scene, Asa Brebner has experienced a substantial share of ups and downs throughout the course of his exhilarating career. Also an accomplished visual artist, his artwork … Read More >>