Ken Field

Journeying into the World of KEN FIELD by Julia R. DeStefano “If you have something that you love doing, and continue to do it with passion and perseverance, you will do it well.” ~Ken Field Noise: We’ll start at the beginning.  What led you to pursue music?  Was there a catalyst? Ken: My parents started me playing clarinet when I was in the fourth grade.  At that age, I didn’t really have much of a say in it, but I … Read More >>

Planetoid 312

A TREATISE ON PLANETOID FOR THE NOISE by DJ Mätthew Griffin Invaders from outer space or three guys with a few crackpot theories? Planetoid has now invaded our intergalactic entertainment solar system, bringing with them their own brand of way-out-there rock ’n’ roll. Noise: What is your mission here on Earth? Admiral Time: 2011 marks the release of The Abraxas Tactics, Planetoid’s insidious new multi-phase musical assault on humanity. These time-traveling extra-terrestrial overlords are bringing their unique brand of alien … Read More >>

Peter Wolf 311

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO PETER by A.J. Wachtel Understanding the wit and wisdom of Peter Wolf is a long-term and very complicated project. Brimming with energy, very charismatic and always the most interesting person in the room onstage or off—any room, anywhere, anytime. For decades, Wolf has kept re-inventing himself remaining relevant, and with the recent release of Midnight Souvenirs his legacy continues to reach out to new audiences; it again proves his importance past and present to the international … Read More >>

Gene Dante 310

by Rick Dumont A passionate and driven artist and showman, Gene Dante continues to lead the Future Starlets to new and exciting heights. Within a year and a half of the current band’s formation in 2008, they secured second place in the WBCN Rumble. That grabbed the attention of a longtime producer and with the buzz ever increasing about their live performances, these cats quickly became the cream rising to the top of the scene in town. Leading man Dante … Read More >>

William Des Desmond

HE’S THE MAGIC MAN By Julia R. DeStefano “I love people. That’s the kind of business I’m in.” ~William “Des” Desmond Noise: In the beginning, what led you to pursue music? Was there a catalyst because I know you were involved with the Bentmen, and that you play the hammer dulcimer… Des: Yes, I play the hammer dulcimer and psaltery. They’re basically the great ancestors of the piano and harp. I don’t play them traditionally, but they have a very … Read More >>

Jenny Dee

SHAKIN’ SOME ACTION WITH JENNY DEE & THE DEELINQUENTS by Julia R. DeStefano “I’m fascinated by the fact that you guys are doing material that’s inspired by the things we did with Phil Spector in the ‘60s. I think it pays tribute to a classic sound which will always be fresh and which will never become dated over time.” ~LaLa Brooks of the Crystals It is no wonder that Jennifer D’Angora was honored with the title Female Vocalist of the … Read More >>

Sam Adams

SAM ADAMS – RAP RULES by A.J.Wachtel Local artist Sam Adams is the future king of rap and hip-hop and his growing number of fans agree that their shared vision of this genre’s evolution is placed perfectly in his extremities. And at a recent Adams show at the House of Blues, this writer witnessed one thousand fans, most of them cute college-aged females, scream every word to every song in Sam’s catalog. After hearing his tunes and seeing this young … Read More >>

Chelsea Berry

CHELSEA BERRY WHO IS SHE AND WHY IS EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT HER? by Bejon Gae Some of you may remember Harry Nilsson’s brilliant self-promotion— he put this question about himself in the middle of a full-page ad in a newspaper. A newpaper in New York. A lot of people saw it and wanted to know who he was. He got everybody talking about him. Enter Chelsea Berry. the statu-esque, powerhouse of a songwriter, singer, musician, performer extrodin-aire, and is originally … Read More >>