Big Old Big One

BIG OLD BIG ONE By Max Bowen When it comes to being a musician, presentation is everything—the right web site, a perfect cover art for the CD, and even the right video. Big Old Big One (BOBO), launched by Eran Shaysh and Daniel Perry, looks to provide high-quality videos for local artists. The videos are shot in a setting selected by the artist, giving fans a look at the faces behind the music, and giving the performers a new way … Read More >>

Barrence Whitfield

JUST THE SAVAGE IN ME A Talk With Barrence Whitfield By Tony Mellor Barrence Whitfield is a walkin’, talkin’, hollerin’, howlin’ repository of pure American music. So full of rock ’n’ roll knowledge, he’s even been offered to lecture in college! His dedication to hippin’ the masses of the world to this country’s rich heritage of primal chest-pounding beats and the lewd, lascivious mixture of sacred and profane bellowing from doomsday hungry leather lungs has spanned 30 years and eight … Read More >>

Sam Reid

SAM REID & THE RIOT ACT by Kier Byrnes In the interest of full disclosure, I used to play with a couple of the members of Sam Reid & the Riot Act in Three Day Threshold but eventually we parted ways.  When T Max pitched a story idea for some of the staff writers about covering Sam Reid & the Riot Act, I jumped at the chance to write about my old band mates’ new project.  Sam Reid & the … Read More >>

Julie Dougherty

PURSUING THE DREAM WITH Julie Dougherty by Julia R. DeStefano “Staying true to your inner compass will always reward you… I believe we are all meant to follow our own individual paths and there’s a little voice inside that guides each of us. Though it is sometimes hard to hear over all the bustle, listen to it and find your own way through this life.” –Julie Dougherty Noise: In the beginning, what led you to pursue music? Was there a … Read More >>

The Bandit Kings

by Samantha Goddess To vastly oversimplify, there are two distant poles on the spectrum of music in which women are primary cast members. There are the rockers (Suzi Quatro, the Runaways, Joan Jett) at the I-can-rock-as-hard-as-the-boys-can end, and there are the singer-songwriters (Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro) at the song-crafty, folkier end. The fertile ground in the middle of that wide musical range is less well worn, and has a vastly smaller population. Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders reign … Read More >>

JJ Rassler, Cuban Heels

BEHOLDEN TO THEE by Joe Coughlin On the, uh, heels of their sparkling release, Behold! (Green Mist Records), I was lucky enough to get the straight poop from the members, who explain not only their sense of history, but their own place within it as regards the bigger picture. It all comes together on the disc; a seamless, lovingly crafted homage to some of their biggest inspirations, while remaining a fresh-baked original recipe all its own, with no filler or … Read More >>

Heather Maloney

MEDITATIONS WITH HEATHER MALONEY by Julia R. DeStefano I’m always being compared to particular artists— Joni Mitchell, Regina Specktor, Tori Amos, and Dolores O’Riordan [the Cranberries], but I’ve also been told a number of times that I sound like Heather Maloney which, I admit, is my favorite thing to hear! ~Heather Maloney Noise: We’ll start at the beginning. What led you to pursue music? Was there a catalyst? Heather:I’d say that there was more of a tipping point than a … Read More >>

Allen Estes

A SONGWRITER FOR EVERY SEASON by Julie Dougherty I’ve known Allen Estes the better part of 30 years and have always admired his songwriting talent and performance style, and love his guitar playing and presence on stage. He is a North Shore gem that I sometimes think is under-appreciated, but sometimes one’s home town takes for granted its local talent and pays homage to lesser-quality, more star-studded performers from far away. However, like anything of incredible quality, he has stood … Read More >>