Tom Guerra

TOM GUERRA by A.J. Wachtel This growling guitarist’s sound is like a tidal wave. You hear the first notes, the anticipation grows and overwhelms. Then you get carried away by the passion in his playing and when the music’s over the memory of the experience stays with you forever. Taste the vortex: Noise: You’ve been a popular guitarist in New England since the late ’70s playing blues, rock ’n’ roll, and R&B. What are some of the similarities and differences about … Read More >>

Susan Cattaneo

SUSAN CATTANEO Berklee Prof by Day/ Singer-Songwriter by Night by Kathy Sands-Boehmer Susan Cattaneo is not only a Berklee trained musician, but she teaches there as well. Her songwriting classes are highly regarded by the students. Susan helps them to blend their words to the music and vice versa—and to keep the original freshness and integrity of each song so that it’s their own song, not hers – not an easy task. Susan’s been playing around Boston and environs for … Read More >>

Skinny Pigeons

SKINNY PIGEONS by Joey Ammo Django Reinhardt was a guitarist/composer of French nationality and Romani (gypsy) ethnicity. He is often regarded as one of the greatest guitarists to have ever lived. After his third and fourth fingers were paralyzed in a fire, Reinhardt used only the index and middle fingers of his left hand to play. He created an entirely new style of jazz guitar technique which has since been dubbed “gypsy jazz,” and has inspired guitarists of all generations … Read More >>


CONTINENTAL  by Kevin Finn Those who follow Boston punk rock know Rick Barton as one of the scene’s biggest heroes.  From playing on such great Outlets’ tunes as “Knock Me Down” to co-founding The Dropkick Murphys and playing on their best records, Rick has a resume that few in this town can touch.  These days, he’s joined forces with his son, Stephen, in Continental, an extremely versatile outfit that takes the fire of punk rock and filters it through a … Read More >>

Walter Sickert

WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF BROKEN TOYS by Meghan Chiampa Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys are a septet of seaside carnival Steamcrunk intergalactic wizardry. Musically talented as wildly theatrical, the Toys talk about their deep-set philosophy of their performance and art.     They will be playing a Dia de los Muertos show at Cuisine En Locale on November 1st.  The Toys talk to The Noise about that show and have plans for a tour next summer, lots of … Read More >>

White Dynomite

WHITE DYNOMITE by Joey Ammo The Model Café in Allston is empty at 7:30pm. I’m having a beverage with three of the four members of Boston punk/rock band White Dynomite: bassist Tim Catz, guitarist John Darga, and lead singer David Unger (drummer Craig Riggs is on vacation in Greece today). In keeping with their name, White Dynomite takes the stage in white suits, shirts and ties and performs with white instruments, and white amplifiers. Tim describes the music as “Punk/Soul … Read More >>

New England

NEW ENGLAND  by A.J. Wachtel Shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn’t have the same sad connotations to a rock ’n’ roll band today as it did in 1980. The Internet and YouTube have drastically turned the music scene and business on it’s ear in terms of availability and distribution; and getting signed to a major label isn’t the guarantee of consummation it once was. But back a few decades it was the ONLY way to climb the ladder of success and achieve fulfillment and accomplishment in … Read More >>

Chris Smither

CHRIS SMITHER by Kimmy Sophia Brown Chris Smither is an American bluesman who is blessed with a smoke and honey tinged voice, an army of responsive, dancing fingers that pick wonderful tunes from his Collings guitar (while his feet tap the rhythm), and an ear for lyric writing that rivals the originality and humor of Randy Newman, Paul Simon, or Joni Mitchell. I’ve been a fan of Chris Smither since I was a junior in high school in 1972, although … Read More >>