White Dynomite

WHITE DYNOMITE by Joey Ammo The Model Café in Allston is empty at 7:30pm. I’m having a beverage with three of the four members of Boston punk/rock band White Dynomite: bassist Tim Catz, guitarist John Darga, and lead singer David Unger (drummer Craig Riggs is on vacation in Greece today). In keeping with their name, White Dynomite takes the stage in white suits, shirts and ties and performs with white instruments, and white amplifiers. Tim describes the music as “Punk/Soul … Read More >>

New England

NEW ENGLAND  by A.J. Wachtel Shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn’t have the same sad connotations to a rock ’n’ roll band today as it did in 1980. The Internet and YouTube have drastically turned the music scene and business on it’s ear in terms of availability and distribution; and getting signed to a major label isn’t the guarantee of consummation it once was. But back a few decades it was the ONLY way to climb the ladder of success and achieve fulfillment and accomplishment in … Read More >>

Chris Smither

CHRIS SMITHER by Kimmy Sophia Brown Chris Smither is an American bluesman who is blessed with a smoke and honey tinged voice, an army of responsive, dancing fingers that pick wonderful tunes from his Collings guitar (while his feet tap the rhythm), and an ear for lyric writing that rivals the originality and humor of Randy Newman, Paul Simon, or Joni Mitchell. I’ve been a fan of Chris Smither since I was a junior in high school in 1972, although … Read More >>

Will Dailey

WILL DAILEY NATIONAL THROAT  by Max Heinegg I caught up with perennial Boston Music Awards winner Will Dailey at an unadvertised gig at Toad in Cambridge. Fresh off a tour of France, Will and his trio debuted songs from his forthcoming CD, National Throat, all of which illustrated his skill in taking varied musical genres and uniting them under the banner of honest, emotive songwriting. From the psychedelic “Castle of Pretending” to “Once in a Century Storm,” which is one part … Read More >>

Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket

BIG OL’ DIRTY BUCKET by Blake Maddux Lynn-based band Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket is a joyous but combustible celebration of funk, rock, and hip-hop. Usually with a double-digit number of members on the stage, BODB creates a sound that is larger than any venue that it plays. Its live musical nods to artists such as Led Zeppelin, Sly & the Family Stone, and Bell Biv Devoe indicate the members’ wide-ranging influences. Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket released its eponymous debut in … Read More >>

Alastair Moock

ALASTAIR MOOCK by Max Bowen It was in 1995 that Alastair Moock came to Boston to pursue his goal as a singer-songwriter. His drive in pursuing that dream is evident in the numerous highlights over the past 20 years, including earning a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, three NAPPA Gold Awards and, in 2014, a Grammy nomination for “Best Children’s Album.” Moock said the real victory comes from making a career as a musician, by no means an easy task. He … Read More >>

Antje Duvekot

ANTJE DUVEKOT by Kathy Sands-Boehmer There are certain songs that transport you back to the time and place when you first heard them.  It’s an auditory memory that lingers, sometimes for a lifetime.  For me, the first time I heard Antje Duvekot’s song “Judas,” I was driving to work.  I admit it.  I am radio flitter and it’s gotten worse now that I have satellite radio.  In this instance, I was listening to the old WERS Coffeehouse program and it came on the air.  There was … Read More >>

Thaddeus Hogarth

THADDEUS HOGARTH by Max Bowen After 30 years of performing, funk/ R&B artist Thaddeus Hogarth says what has kept him going is maintaining a balance—as a performer, businessman, and educator at Berklee College of Music here in Boston. Part of his work at Berklee is creating online courses for students all around the world, and advancements in technology are giving new opportunities for those who wish to learn how to play. Hogarth has performed both solo and with his band, … Read More >>