CD Reviews – Sept

TWO VIEW REVIEW BOBBY LEGER Imaginary Dream 10 tracks This is a pretty cool CD in a number of ways.  The gritty blues ring out true. Bobby Leger’s worn matured voice adds a believable factor and gives the lyrics a true blues feel.  The inspiration for the blues on Imaginary Dream is Mary Lou Lord, who made her slice of fame by connecting with another famous artist. Bobby has piggybacked onto the story: the late-in-life artist finds love, loses love, … Read More >>

CD Reviews – Aug

If your act is based in New England and you’d like to get a review of your latest recording, send a disc to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St. #406, Salem, MA 01970. … VARIOUS ARTISTS Lowbudget Records You Can’t Always Want What You Get A Lowbudget Tribute to The Stones two discs – 34 tracks There are almost two and a half hours of good music and interesting covers on this epic tribute to the greatest rock ’n’ … Read More >>

CD Reviews – July

If you are an artist based in New England and you’d like The Noise to review your latest releases, send a hard copy to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St #406, Salem, MA. … VAPORS OF MORPHINE A New Low 11 tracks A New Low is a unique and very interesting release and I like it for a couple of reasons. As expected, it is a continuation of the original quirky, sparse, spacey Mark Sandman/Morphine jazzy sound that falls … Read More >>

CD Reviews – June

If you are an artist based in New England and you’d like The Noise to review your latest releases, send a hard copy to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St #406, Salem, MA. … WISHBONE  ZOE All of These Oddities 11 tracks Wow… what I have been missing.  Listening to All of These Oddities, Wishbone Zoe felt like an adventure of many colors and moods, with surprises awaiting you, one song after the other. Saera Kochanski has the waifish, … Read More >>

CD Reviews – May

If you are an artist based in New England and would like your CD reviewed, mail it to: T Max/ The Noise 28 Goodhue St., #406, Salem, MA 01970 … DUKE LEVINE  Loud Loud Music Records The Fade Out  12 tracks Seldom have I heard an album of instrumentals which better rewards careful listening. “Neptune,” the languorous, pearlescent opening cut, helps establish the late-night ambiance which pervades much of the album. There’s some quality product here which also transcends mere product; the second … Read More >>

CD Reviews – April

RUBY ROSE FOX Domestic 12 tracks Every now and then, something  utterly unique comes  your way. Seldom, these days, but if you’re lucky, sometimes. Such is the case with Ruby Rose Fox, and her latest release, Domestic. Until this gem unexpectedly came my way, I had not heard of this remarkable  singer. I’m so excited over this album and am listening to it for the third time as I write this. I am frankly, nothing short of astonished by her … Read More >>

CD Reviews

TELAMOR Olex Music Outside the Lines 10 tracks Telamor (98% Tom Hauck, 2% friends) has to be one of the most prolific artists out there today. About every six month Telamor serves up a new disc of guitar oriented rock for the 21st century. Outside the Lines leads off with “Brave Heart” where a choppy vocal melody creates a hook within itself. Love comes and goes with “Speed Queen” running through the night. “Trippin’” could be a reaction to the … Read More >>

CD Reviews

FREEVOLT Once You Say 7 tracks This North Shore band’s music is roots rock/ Americana/ pop with a strong reggae foundation, and dread locked acoustic guitarist/gruffy vocalist Michael Bernier is the motivational muse behind this great groove band.  I really dig “Bump Bump Bump” and “Bring The Humans Back” with the nice horn arrangements, “We Never Knew” with its cool piano opening, and the real radio-friendly opening cut “Once You Say” with the enjoyable guitar and horn tracks. Songs with … Read More >>